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It was a long time in the making, but Karnivool have finally given us a new album.


87 / 100

Karnivool have finally released a new cd! it’s been 5 years since the band released their debut album "Themata" which was a brilliant debut that saw the band sell out national tours, and play some of Australias biggest festivals, not too mention extensive touring of the US along withthat.

The thing i love the most about this band is that they have managed to move away from the hook laden Themata and change their sound up, in a positive and seemingly thoughful way.  

The album goes for an astounding 72 minutes, most of the songs could be described as epics, and it’s always risky to have such long tracks, not a lot of bands can pull it off well enough to keep the listener engaged, i’m happy to report that Karnivool do manage to write songs that will have you compelled to listen further and further, making the 72 minutes go by rather quickly, also, there is no filler on this album and thats always a great thing. 

Stand out tracks include Simple Boy, Goliath, All I Know and Illumine .. all showcasing different elements of this new sound, Change is also an interesting track as it includes some Didgeridoo and it really works, Change Part 1 featured on "Themata" and i often wondered where they were going to go with the song, i wonder no more and am happy where it went.


If you’re a fan of good progressive music that will continue to grow on you over time and not get stale after a few listens, check this album out, absoloutely captivating.


1.Simple Boy
3.New Day
4.Set Fire To The Hive
6.All I Know
7.The Medicine Wears Off
8.The Caudal Lure

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