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To be honest Fat Mike, Why even continue to bother? In the words of Crowded House, the dream is over!


65 / 100

Well well well. When I was asked to review this record, I thought to myself " I really hope they have made up for the last pile of s#$t that they brought out.

Upon hearing track number 1, I was bitterly disappointed. To be honest, I have always been a fan of NOFX and personally I think El Hefe is my idol (crazy dancing, impersonations, moustache), but I think it is time they hang up the guitars and ship out to the retirement village – the songs have become stagnant and boring and I don’t think that NOFX can keep up with bands these days that are simply blowing them to pieces.

It’s pretty much obvious that they are now relying on one mediocre, lack luster release every now and again to keep the funds in the pocket. It’s sad really for an iconic band to keep letting themselves and fans down. Anyway, the record itself is basically just a release, I sure as hell wouldn’t run out and buy it. The best part of the record for me is the guitar work of both El Hefe and Mike on bass. I think they are two solid musicians that do they job and do it in a unique and solid way.  

The guitar tones and production are pretty good as they usually are for rich bands, but song quality is a major downer. Basically, I hope this is it for them. It’s so disappointing receiving "ok" records. Best song for me is “They call it America”, and even then I still don’t think the song is THAT good.

Fat Mike should steer clear of trying to sing “woah’s” on his own. Another good song is "Bruce, Eddie and Paul" because it reminds me of the old days (I am a 90’s punk rock nut).


Final statement: Dont buy this record, for it is, in fact, a Coaster.


1. We Called It America
2. The Quitter
3. First Call
4. My Orphan Year
5. Blasphemy (The Victimless Crime)
6. Creeping Out Sara
7. Eddie, Bruce and Paul
8. Best God In Show
9. Suits and Ladders
10. The Agony of Victory
11. I Am an Alcoholic
12. One Million Coasters

14 Responses to “NOFX – Coaster”

  1. sime619

    Yeah i also thought it wasnt bad. Not great but it had its moments. Do they just let anyone review albums on this site these days?

  2. backsideslappy

    I think the man said it best himself – “the note’s and chords sound similar, the same forbidden beat but..the Desparation’s Gone”

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