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Formally known as “Knife to a Gunfight” Sydney’s Bermuda have quickly thrust themselves to the forefront of Australian metal with a constant touring schedule taking over the latter half of 2008 as well as the majority of 2009.  This solid work ethic which has allowed them to boast playing over 100 shows throughout the country in well under a year in support of their Debut EP titled “Tyrant” 

While the amount of bands that list high profile US Deathcore bands as their influences is insane at the moment Bermuda have managed to set themselves apart from their Australian peers by incorporating a melodic element to their music.  This description can be heard most prominently on the dynamic opening track “Asphyxiate”, which includes a variety of growls and arrangements of vocal patterns which manages to bring a groovier feel to an often overdone heavy sound.  

“Batten Down the Hatches” follows well in suite with thrashier licks leading into super heavy breakdown sections. “Waging War” is a slightly heavier affair then the rest of the tracks and fans of the metal sensation The Red Shore will find this track very appealing due to the guttural roars and blast beats.  Tyrant is a bullshit free release that doesn’t rely on fancy artwork, some bigwig producer or high class guest vocals to get their message across but relies more on what is quickly becoming a foreign concept known as musicianship. 

Word on the street is the band looking to release another EP to follow up Tyrant towards the end of the year through a Paper Tigers/ Shock records deal which should be a big result if they are able to stay true to form.  


Clearly this band has a fair swagger of tricks up their sleeve and with a live show to match an impressive first release I’m keen to see what the next disc will sound like.


1. Asphyxiate 
2. Batten Down The Hatches 
3. Loose Lips 
4. Tyrant 
5. Waging War

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