The Boy Will Drown – Fetish




Earache Records/Riot



For Fans Of

Tech Deat/Grindcore/Metal


An impressive debut to say the least.


83 / 100

I first heard about The Boy Will Drown from a friend of mine who was big on scoping MySpace for new bands to listen to, this particular person had never steered me wrong before so i decided to take a listen, this was back in 07 after TBWD released their debut EP and I was pretty impressed by them then but not enough to reccomend them to others or listen to thm obsessively, so this band was pretty much forgotten after about a week or two. Now, after listening to Fetish, I have changed my mind, this is an impressive debut album that hasn’t left my playlist for about 2 weeks now and doesn’t appear to be budging anytime soon. 

Clocking in at around 28 minutes, the cd has it’s fast grindcore moments but also infuses some rad as fuck melodies which really puts this album at a good place as far as song writing goes. Another good thing about this album is every member in the band plays a part in making this album as good as it is, however I’d like to point out the guitar work on being able to provide some really catchy riffs in a brutal setting which is somewhat difficult to accomplish for a lot of bands who have tried. 

I don’t have many bad things to say about this album, even though I’ve mentioned that the song writing is good, I do think it can improve, some bits do fall a bit flat but clearly The Boy Will Drown have not quite hit their peak yet, perhaps the country tinged acoustic bits could stay off the next album, I didn’t really get those at all.


The Boy Will Drown have a big future ahead of them if they furthur evolve their sound, focusing on the present I’d say that this is a great debut album that I hope they’re proud of.


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