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56 / 100

Swine Flu, black presidents and now Nu metal crossed with Mosh, what is happening in the world?  It’s Nothing Personal contains songs that are mostly confusing, often frustrating but occasionally well crafted to form a hybrid bordering half way between mosh and the more prominent Nu-Metal features that began to appear in their prior release and self titled cd “Bury Your Dead”.  Considering the reception its predecessor received (often being dubbed as Bury Your Fear Factory) I don’t think anyone would blame BYD for returning back to something in the vein of Cover Your Tracks. 

However, this was not to be as the band has evolved (or de-evolved as the case may be) capitalizing on clean singing combined with melodic guitar work.  While most songs still have the breakdown/mosh element included the tracks are now more comparable to slipknot/older disturbed than On Broken Wings who they were often described as having a similar style to.  It seems that the “bury your fucking dead” minute something’s are literally “buried” 

Credit where credit is due however, as the album is littered with groovy sections that have helped the band define and recently revolutionize their sound.  Best found in first track “Hurting Not Helping” (which sounds remarkably like Psychosocial by Slipknot) and “Broken Body”.  These sections are often marred by a clean chorus which makes the songs predictable and less dynamic.  Not to say old mate has a shithouse voice, it’s actually somewhat soulful and pleasant on the ears but has less of an impact then it could have had if used sparingly. 

The second half of the album consists of barely passable songs sounding more like b sides of their previous record with each chorus becoming blander than its predecessor.  This formula occasionally received certain equilibrium in “The Forgotten” while “Closed Eyes” experiments with effects and features a core solely of clean singing.  Its Nothing Personnel is a creative release, but is too over the shop to mark any improvement on its back catalogue.  If you like Sevendust you might dig it.  


Interesting but flawed, this will appeal to new fans but more than likely cause an increasing divide with the old.


01. Hurting Not Helping 
02. Without You 
03. Broken Body 
04. The Great Demonizer 
05. Dead End Lovesong 
06. Swan Song 
07. Lakota 
08. The Forgotten 
09. Lion’s Den 
10. Legacy of Ashes 
11. Closed Eyes 
12. Enough

9 Responses to “Bury Your Dead – Its Nothing Personal”

  1. Anonymous

    I don’t mind it. It’s grown on me over the last week. Cover Your Tracks will always be there best album though. Be interesting to see if they released the same album, but with Matt Bruso on vox. I’ll tuck this away as a guilty pleasure . . .

  2. bilson

    This review is a joke. This is one of the most dynamic albums I have ever heard.

    I have a question… What was so special about Mat that Myke can’t do? Myke can do everything Mat did and way, way more!

    It’s Nothing Personal is an album with excellent MUSIC. Before the self titled album, BYD was nothing more than a cult following.

    Bury Your Dead now is heavier, more musically mature, and better off successfully with more potential than they have ever been. If you don’t like them, just shut up, they don’t need your “hardcore” support anyway.

    Hardcore is a joke and a trend that’ll fade like any other, while good music is good music regardless. So grow up and open your eyes.

  3. metalhead147

    yeah right bilson and maddo this album is garbage. Bottom line mat left they went to shit myke steps in and ruins a once amazing band. Myke CANNOT do everything mat could! Mat makes myke sound like a 13 year old going thru puberty! So far the biggest disapointment of the year they peaked with “Beauty and the Breakdown” and its all been downhill after. You can find this album in the crap section of the dumpster at your local record store. BYD has lost a fan.

  4. dinexalone

    Get over it, Mat left years ago, with Myke at the helm BYD can carry on with their music and in my opinion Beauty and The Breakdown and Bury Your Dead are better than old BYD stuff anyways, quit living in the past!

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