As I Lay Dying – This Is Who We Are (DVD)


This Is Who We Are (DVD)


Metal Blade/Riot



For Fans Of

All That Remains – Killswitch Engage – Unearth


Fantastic insight into forerunners of metalcore.


90 / 100

Disc One 

Titled This Is Who We Are, the first disc contains the main featurette which is a documentary investigating the bands history. Most music DVDs you pick up now skimp on the details surrounding the band in questions past, and being selective when revealing facts. Thankfully almost everything you would want to know has been addressed to a professional standard.  Beginning with the bands roots and original line up (when they performed under a different moniker) the movie runs through each release, the bands high and low periods, member changes, the various tours they embarked on both early and later in their career and how they came to sign to metal blade records.  Spanning a touch over two hours it gives an excellent insight into a touring band and how much time, effort and financial support is required to make a living from a metal band.

Disc Two

Showcases a variety of live tracks covering most of the bands releases.  Taken from multiple concerts showing different crowds and venues, the first few songs were recorded in smaller venues playing to a few hundred payers including a church where the band use to practice all the way to the mighty Wacken Open Air festival where the band played to tens of thousands of people in Germany
Disc Three

Contains all music videos in the bands history as well as bonus, mostly trivial features that were obviously cut from the documentary but give more of an insight into each members personality and what makes them tick as well as taking a much more humorous approach to the band lifestyle. Two additional live performances are also present


While the price tag might be slightly hefty, it’s worth every cent considering the sheer amount of content contained on the three discs and is a must for anyone curious to see where the band came from.  It’s sure to rekindle your love for the band just watching the amount of shit they went through to put out each CD.


Falling Upon Deaf Ears 
 Meaning In Tragedy 
 The Darkest Nights 
 Nothing Left  
 An Ocean Between Us  
 Within Destruction  
 Distance is Darkness  
 I Never Wanted 
 The Sound of Truth 
 94 Hours 
 Through Struggle  

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  1. darkest_hour

    it’s nothing shy of amazing. the live atmosphere just makes you feel as if you were there and the sound quality is superb.

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