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The Knives may be out but there doesn’t appear to be much fight.


59 / 100

If a list existed of bands that garner just as much praise as they do hate Seattle’s Aiden would overwhelming top the list. It seems since the band originated in 2003, Aiden have toed that fine line been being a genuine rock band and yet another band that cares more about their wardrobe and make-up than their music.
Studio album number four, entitled ‘Knives’ sees the band explore a more straightforward rock approach as opposed to the alternative theatrics we have seen in previous releases. WiL Francis and co. certainly delivers on their promise of producing an album that is more ‘raw’ but whilst in the past (whether for the right or wrong reasons) there has been something mildly endearing about Aiden, one cannot help but feel this ten-track offering is consistently mundane.  

There are some enjoyable moments, like the catchy ‘Scavengers of the Damned’, which could easily slot into any commercial radio rock hour – channelling more prominent peers like My Chemical Romance. However, there are merely too many filler songs that eventually amalgamate to a point where every song sounds the same.  

Track ‘King on Holiday’ opens with a punk drum groove, which is fast and solid. Conversely, songs like ‘Crusifiction’ and vocal interlude ‘Portrait’ should be avoided at all costs. 

Essentially, the album is strong enough to satisfy fans but if the image of a teenage kid with braces found on the albums cover art is anything to go by, that is probably the only audience Aiden is going to appeal to. 


At times, there are signs on ‘Knives’ to suggest Aiden are finding a reasonable musical niche for themselves. However, the bands sound is ultimately fragmented by equally dull efforts. For the future, it is just a matter if Aiden choose to hone in on the good or sink with the bad.


  1. Killing Machine
  2. Let the Right One In
  3. Scavengers of the Damned
  4. Elizabeth
  5. Crusifiction
  6. The Asylum
  7. Portrait
  8. Excommunicate
  9. King On Holiday
  10. Black Market Hell

5 Responses to “Aiden – Knives”

  1. Liberty

    i think aiden is super talanted, much beyond you’re range of understanding. you just like to insult bands for the fun of it.

  2. xXxmillxXx

    Maybe so to you ‘Liberty’, but you can’t even grasp the concept of basic English grammar, so YOUR opinion doesn’t really count.

  3. johnny

    Good review.
    Liberty, have a good listen to the album. nothing special and nothing that makes you think “super talent”.
    Focus on the music not the wardrobe.

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