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80 / 100

Being relatively unfamiliar with Melbourne based Thrash outfit The Omen I was intrigued to sample their debut full length purely based on word of mouth.  Punching through the first tracks of the self titled release it becomes evident that The Omen takes pleasure in playing their metal obnoxiously fast.  One spin through and your head will be spinning and your anus feeling tenderized.  Showing how well the combination of thrash riffs coupled with hardcore elements can work when served in the right proportion, this release unrelenting and leaves nothing to the imagination.
Recorded late last year at Three Phase Studios, the end result shows that it is not always necessary to head overseas to get a decent sound.  If you’re after a crisp clean release where the production is immaculate this may not be your cup of tea however.  Not to say that the end product has an average sound, quite the opposite infact as it suites the music perfectly while adding a certain raw sensation and a sludgy feel that make it ideal background music to get ripped by (which I imagine is what the band was aiming for as a collective).

“Three Thirty Three” is a stand out track, which when going from motion to motion it impossible not to keep a body part moving in an attempt to keep up with manic speed of the rhythm.  Breaking the trend of breakdown chorus wash rinse and repeat the track “You Creep” is an excellent example of how they could not give a fucking fuck about what other bands are churning out nor what is considered popular by the masses. “Hunted” shows off some of the more melodic bits and allows the bass to have its spot in the spotlight.


Boasting a speed and intensity most bands can only dream about, The Omen have pulled off a veritable bag of thrash treats which is sure to stand out as one of the best Australian releases this yea.  The self-titled release is available via Adelaide based Truth inc records and should be in any JB HI FI stores so be shore to grab a copy and support a band that deserves to be noticed.

Super fast and super sexy.  


2-Three Thirty Three 
3-Dont Forget Your Boots 
4-Last Days 
5-Bottle Intro 
6-You Creep 
7-Gloves Don’t Leave Fingerprints 
9-Hunted Intro 

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