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Another serving of angry American metal.


75 / 100

Since 2000’s ‘New American Gospel’, Virginian Quintet Lamb of God has carved a consistent and enduring niche in the heavy metal landscape. Nine years and one Grammy nomination later, the band considered leaders of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal deliver yet another dose of ‘pissed off aggression’.  

Studio album number five, aptly titled ‘Wrath’ sees Lamb of God unleash a rawer, more dynamic edge. From the moment the tranquillity of opening track ‘The Passing’ fades into the fast and merciless ‘In Your Words’, Lamb of God position themselves neatly between the thrash of the Bay Area and the redneck metal of the south. ‘Wrath’ is arguably a distinct shift from 2006’s ‘Sacrament’, which saw the band explore more metalcore roots.  

One constant however is that Lamb of God are no metal conservatives. It is clear the music is entertaining but the band is by no means cheerfully neutral. Whether it is the demonic vocal intensity of front man Randy Blythe on songs like ‘Contractor’ and ‘Fake Messiah’ or the lightening feet of skinsman Chris Adler, Lamb of God perform like a band that has spent the past decade systematically pushing the boundaries of their own creativity.  

Long time fans will appreciate the down tuned and precise guitar riffs of Morton and Adler whilst newcomers will be drawn in by the subtle inclusion of groove and Anselmo inspired vocals. Tracks such as ‘Broken Hands’ highlight the stripped back nature of ‘Wrath’ with cleaner guitar sounds and pronounced double kick work.  

A testament to Lamb of God’s resilience and longevity is the fact that the bands line-up has remained unaltered since changing their name from Burn the Priest at the start of the 21st century.  
This certainly isn’t no ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ but it ain’t no ‘St.Anger’ either.


If this album achieves anything, it might just be highlighting the notion that Thrash Metal did not die with the demise of Pantera in the 90’s. A debut spot at #8 on the Aria charts is proof that metal has never enjoyed a brighter spot in the sun. 


  1. The Passing
  2. In Your Words
  3. Set To Fail
  4. Contractor
  5. Fake Messiah
  6. Grace
  7. Broken Hands
  8. Dead Seeds
  9. Everything To Nothing
  10. Choke Sermon
  11. Reclamation

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