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Above Us the Waves


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Himsa – Acacia Strain – At The Gates


Something dark dwells beneath the city of churches...


85 / 100

With two EPs out and the impending release of the first full length “Above Us the Waves” it’s easy for even established bands to stumble a bit and go balls up.  Thankfully, Adelaide’s Cry Murder has managed to stay the course and have chosen to pave their own path rather than becoming another drop in the ever increasing Deathcore Ocean.  

The production is phenomenal which is unsurprising considering it was recorded at Slaughter House Studios (run by current Viking Kyle Bloksgaard) with Zack Horen (all shall perish) responsible for mixing while Goran Finnberg (responsible for Swedish classics such as Soilwork and In Flames) took over for mastering. The resulting sound is basically a metal hybrid which can be likened to the dark and gloom of the Acacia Strain while capturing the precision and thrash riffs of Himsa and Darkest Hour.

From the first track it’s obvious the band has evolved over the past two years and the experience is starting to show with some experimentation taking place throughout the songs.  Snake charmer has a wild Sitar moment which almost makes you feel as though you are actually in India, but listening to crazy metal at the same time.  The vocals take some getting used to; which can be attributed to the fact that there is a vast difference when compared to the two previous EPs.  This is to be expected to come with time and the addition of former Nessum Dorma vocalist Dylan Cameron adding a new dynamic element and thus influencing the overall sound.   
Filler sections have been completely banned as well as standard issue breakdowns which is remarkably pleasant on the ears with songs like “Sans Hope” showing it IS possible to get by without resorting to an average double kick pattern and unnecessary use of the crash just to suck out an extra few minutes.  “Expulsions of Air” will have you nodding all the way through to one of the more catchy rhythms on the album. 
The album is broken up with a pleasant instrumental halfway through which provides the only respite from what is otherwise an entirely relentless release. The best is saved till last with tracks like “We of the culture destructive” and “Brace position” tying out an extremely solid release.  It’s hard to summarize a lot of the little things that occur throughout each song, so the only way to find out it to buy the album and find out for yourself! 


Refusing to be confined within the City of Churches, “Above us the Waves” is a bullshit free release worth your time and money so be sure to catch them on the last string of tour dates throughout the country with Perths Anime Fire.


1. Above Us the Waves 03:03  
2. Snakecharmer 05:35  
3. Myopia 04:25  
4. Expulsions of Air 04:24  
5. Atlantis 05:29  
6. Blood of The Ages 05:32  
7. Everything And More 05:03  
8. Sans Hope 04:49  
9. Mistaken Majority 04:16  
10. We of The Culture Destructive 06:07  
11. Brace Position 05:19

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