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Odd Senses


Metal Blade/Stomp




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Dillenger Escape Plan, Into The Moat, Fantomas


Pysopus deliver their third album, which is apparenly written for people misogynists and those who drop acid often.


51 / 100

Instantly, as the album kicked off, i felt as though my ear drums were being raped, i was in a state of confusion as to what i was listening to exactly…sure these dudes can play, and very well, but it does not detour from the fact that 3 songs in to the cd im forced to turn it off because my ears dont deserve this torture. 

I will however, try to get in some positives so i don’t piss off the people who are just gonna say "hey man, you just dont get it" The main positives of Odd Senses is, as mentioned above, the musicianship, i think if i mustered up some courage and buy a ridiculously hi-tech pair of ear plugs, watching Pysopus live would definately be an incredible experience. The guitar work is pretty amazing, Christopher Arp clearly knows his way around a fretboard, incredibly fast and creative riffs in abundance. 

In my opinion, less is more, and these guys just pile the riffs on, it gets to be a little tiring and overbearing mostly, and don’t get me started on the 20 minute untitled outro, what a waste of disc space, what a waste of 20 minutes of my life!  

It’s over now, i have taken out the cd and it’s unlikely i’ll put it back in, unless of course it is to torture others.


Odd Senses will leave you annoyed for the most part, it has the same affect as someone dragging there nails down a chalkboard, over and over again.


   1. ".44" – 0:53
   2. "Medusa" – 3:30
   3. "The Burning Halo" – 3:59
   4. "Duct Tape Smile" – 3:33
   5. "X and Y" – 3:42
   6. "Boogeyman" – 5:34
   7. "Imogen’s Puzzle Pt 3" – 1:59
   8. "Choker Chain" – 2:49
   9. "Ms Shyflower" – 6:13
  10. "A Murder to Child" – 9:15
  11. "Untitled Track" – 20:34

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  1. xXxmillxXx

    Having read this, I want those 2 minutes of my life back… This is one of the most poorly written, sloppily proof-read/edited reviews I have ever seen.

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