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Hold Fast


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Hot Water Music – A Death In The Family – Small Brown Bike


The Florida sound by way of Werribee…


83 / 100

The outer suburbs of Melbourne are known for a few things… things such as tracksuit pants, fish and chips and hanging out at train stations after hours, however Daysworth Fighting can now add passionate and raw as fuck punk/rock to Werribee’s to do list. Taking their cues from scene luminaries such as Hot Water Music and Sparta, DWF have crafted an album’s worth of sing-a-long tunes that are the perfect soundtrack to a night at your favourite venue (so that would be the Arthouse then). 

“Accidents” gets things off to a fine start, as Cori and Paul’s throaty vocal delivery combines with the disjointed guitar parts that Daysworth Fighting are fast becoming known for, while the pounding rhythms of “Snake” showcases drummer James Barnard’s skills behind the kit whilst allowing the rest of his band to shine. “The Weather” is a far more subdued affair, although it still has the same sense of urgency about it that the rest of the Daysworth Fighting material possesses, the more pop leaning “Kingdom Brown” also doing a fine job of demonstrating just how diverse Hold Fast can be. 

The one-two combination of “Steady As She Goes” and “Safety Behind The Scenes” ensures that the album’s mid-section doesn’t lag like so many other records that have been released recently (as does the toe-tapping “Home”), the true standout being the exceptionally catchy “Fuel Of The Dead”. Finishing the record on a more downbeat note could be a risky move for some, however Daysworth Fighting manage to pull it off with the mid-paced “Three Years” and stripped back “Take Cover”.


If you’re into the rough and tumble sounds of the aforementioned bands then you’ll definitely find something to enjoy on this record, or better yet, hit the band’s website and check them out in the live setting. 


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