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Seizure EP






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Impressive release from young W.A band...


85 / 100

“Oh… Knees Don’t Bend the Other Way” is first up Opening with the high pitched screams of Ryan Lake the latest edition to We Are the Emergency’s seven piece extravaganza (You may of herd Ryan before in his pervious band “Christina Rose” or his other current band “Reaching Koda”). This song was a good choice as the track as it shows all of WATE’s high points from there transitions of high screams to soaring vocals and infectious beat of the drums which can not keep these kids in one spot during there energetic and enjoyable live sets! 

The next two tracks on the EP “I was Born Ready, Baby” and “Drop Me Off at the Bridge” are just as prodigious as the opener if not more so. With the clear and understandable screams (also sounds like an angry Milhouse Van Houlton), fast moving tempo’s to ambient breaks, interweaving harmony’s and the towering vocals of James Harris. 

Countless bands have done the ballad with a dramatic build up that turns into a massive ball on energy but We Are the Emergency do it exceptionally well! The keys in “All We See of the Stars Are Their Old Photographs” is set to pull on your heart strings as the lyrics suggest a love story of lost love and revenge. With the vocals shared in final chorus, Sophie Rodgers (keys) and James Harris give it that extra little unexpected something!  

The last 2 tracks “The Grass is Greener on Our Side” and “Hello, My Name is Distance” round off the EP nicely! Not lacking any power or electricity from there predecessors. Catchy lyrics written by the obviously intelligent Sam Hart (guitarist) really take off on the last track which ends the EP with a definite high!


Seizure is impressive to say the least debut release by Perth band “We Are the Emergency”. So many intricate parts, put together so well shows why WATE are the Emergency in Perth at the moment! This could be very well be the best debut EP that will come out of Perth this year and it’s only just begun!


  1. Oh, Knee’s Don’t Bend the Other Way
  2. I Was Born Ready, Baby
  3. Drop Me Off at the Bridge
  4. All We See of the Stars Are Their Old Photographs
  5. The Grass is Greener on Our Side
  6. Hello, My Name is Distance

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  1. InFearAndFaith777

    This band is just absolutely killer.
    You are all just a bunch of fag’s that can’t handle this kind of music… And THAT is obvious to.

  2. paik paik

    Hahahaha. Considering this review is just a fucking cocksuck for a VERY mediocre at best band. Sure, i can handle this music.

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