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LeATHERMOUTH admits the world is going to shit – and has something to say about it.


78 / 100

Like most of the people out in the world today, you have probably heard the name LeATHERMOUTH purely because it is the side project of My Chemical Romance’s Frank Iero. If this is also the only reason you haven’t picked up the record and had a good listen, then you are truly missing out. Coming from the pent up anger today’s society has caused Iero; he has turned this frustration into a solid offering entitled “XO”.

“XO” is a rollercoaster of heavy riffs and confronting lyrics that will leave you craving more, addressing issues such as school bullying, love, and in true punk form, politics, with a track boldly entitled “I Am Going To Kill The President Of The United States Of America.” LeATHERMOUTH have already played numerous shows before releasing this album, and have proved the songs defiantly have live capability, tearing down any venue brave enough to attempt to handle this creation.

With LeATHERMOUTH making such a bold statement about the world, it’s no wonder that Iero wanted to keep his involvement in the band a secret, but finally realizing that he was proud of all of his raw anger and emotions about the world, he states he would much rather confront the issues of the world, rather than hide from them like everybody else.


LeATHERMOUTH is not for the faint hearted, all punk & post-hardcore lovers will immediately relate to the latest creation that is tearing up the stereos of the world.


  1. 5th Period Massacre
  2. Catch Me If You Can
  3. This Song Is About Being Attacked By Monsters
  4. I Am Going To Kill The President Of The United States Of America
  5. Murder Was The Case They Gave Me
  6. Sunsets Are For Muggings
  7. My Lovenote Has Gone Flat
  8. Your Friends Are Full Of Shit
  9. Bodysnatchers 4 Ever (What’s A Pulse Got to Do with it?)
  10. Leviathan

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