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Love it or hate it Deez Nutz (fronted by ex IKTPQ drummer man JJ Peters) has been nurtured from another side project turned into a full time monster that is impossible to ignore.  Numerous national tours including Boys of Summer have as well as an international tour with Bring Me the Horizon has helped bring them into the spotlight. 

With this being said, the only exposure I’ve really had from them around the traps have been 16 year old kids sporting a combination of FTW shirts and New Era caps.  

This definitely did not put me in a good frame of mind to sit down and listen to the second release and debut album titled “Stay True”.  Attempting to overcome said prejudices towards the group and not write them off purely based on what the fans look like (I mean, BMTH came through with the goods) was a small task in itself.   

Thankfully, it exceeded most expectations.  Not quite hardcore but not quite hip hop Deez Nutz provide a blend of both which works well at some points, not so well in others.  Most of the songs are based around being true to oneself and your family plus monotonous routine that plague modern life.  Oh, and getting fucked up with mates and punishing brews. 

Love. Hate works well to find this equilibrium and the heavier vocals help bring extra clarity to the gang vox which frequent this release.  Move back features current tour roster Louie Knuxx and showcases the clear hip hop influences present in Stay True. 

Easy to hate at first, Stay true is a grower once you get over the fact it’s not going to be super heavy or be built on breakdowns which is at least fresh compared to a lot of shit circulating on myspace now. 


It’s an enjoyable release if you can appreciate it for what it is, just don’t expect anything technical, just 13 tracks of good drinking music which is perfect for putting away beers bongs too.


01. Stay True
02. Damn Right
03. Love Hate
04. Fuck What You Think
05. I Hustle Everyday
06. It’s Like That
07. Tonight Were Gonna Party
08. Like There’s No Tomorrow
09. Your Mother Should Have Swallowed You
10. Move Back
11. Never Grow Up
12. F.T.W
13. Fight for Your Right

6 Responses to “Deez Nutz – Stay True”

  1. Daniel92

    Dont like this release. Dont understand why kids froth over them when theirs so many underrated great bands out there. Kam you should review Shinto katana’s album ‘Cold streets’.

  2. StarDamage

    Im curious. If hip hop and rap innspired metal was called nu-metal, does that mean we can call this nu-hardcore? And if so will peopple who listen to it be embarassed and justify their listening choice to their snickering friends by saying “nah man they had a few good songs”?

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