Cruel Hand – Prying Eyes



Prying Eyes


Bridge Nine Records/Stomp




For Fans Of

No Warning – Negative Approach – 50 Lions


Sophomore record living up to the hype.


80 / 100

Starting off as a side project to the much-loved Outbreak, the five gentlemen that make up Cruel Hand have successfully turned the group into a full time operation thanks to their grueling tour schedule. Well, you can add a cracking follow up record to the band’s resume, as Prying Eyes is one of the most well-written and hard hitting hardcore releases of 2008. If my review was to be based on originality then Cruel Hand may fall a little short of the mark, however the passionate delivery and catchy riffs that are on offer more than make up for a lack of new ideas. 

Some bands kick off their records with a instrumental introduction of some sorts, however the Maine based five-piece get right to the point with “Above And Below”, a track that strictly adheres to the short, fast and loud school of songwriting, while the bass driven grooves of “Dead Weight” ensure that the follow up is just as strong as its predecessor. The breakdowns that drive “Life In Shambles” and “Begin Descension” are as tough as anything else the genre has produced recently, a trend that is effectively continued throughout “Motions That Lie”.  

Although Prying Eyes does lag a little throughout its mid-section, songs like “Hounds”, “Heart Failure” and the album’s title track provide enough energy and tightly executed passages to make up for any lackluster moments. 


Re-inventing the wheel isn’t really a high priority for most hardcore bands, but when your record is executed this well, who really cares? No doubt the group’s live show packs one hell of a punch… hopefully we get a chance to experience it first hand.


  1. Above And Below
  2. Dead Weight
  3. Life In Shambles
  4. Begin Descension
  5. Motions That Lie
  6. Hounds
  7. Damaged Goods
  8. Heart Failure
  9. No Known Graves
  10. Prying Eyes
  11. House Arrest
  12. Wisdom Pain

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