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Spirit fingers everyone spirit fingers.


88 / 100

To say that I was slightly suspect of the Unearths fourth studio album titled “The March” would be mild understatement.  It’s not that In the Eyes of Fire was shithouse; it was just kind of boring as opposed a few other releases brought out around the same time and its predecessor The Oncoming Storm, the release which really shot Unearth into the spotlight of the general public. 

From the opening sweeps of the first track it’s clear that the drive in the Unearth Camp has definitely intensified. In an attempt to prevent themselves from being pigeonholed in the ever expanding metalcore genre the songs have become a lot faster and diversified.  Within a few songs of the album it becomes apparent that the boys have put a lot of thought into the structure of the songs rather than writing a tech riff and putting it here or there for the sake of doing so. 

Apparently a concept album based on the good and bad aspects of humanity there is a clear formula surrounding “The March” but should not be mistaken for some of the repetitious junk we have all heard. The production quality is top notch which is to be expected when undertaken by Killswitch guru Adam D (Every Time I Die, As I Lay Dying) “Hail the Shrine” does an excellent job of showing off the more melodic elements which sounds more like the rougher vocals off the most recent darkest hour effort as opposed to the excessively annoying and overdone clean vocals present on the last few Atreyu albums. 

The album titled track The March is slow and heavy as hell and definitely exhibit of the more brutal breakdowns on the album before leading into my personal favourite track titled Cutsman.  The midi-like guitar moments are sure to keep the punters keen while they reminisce of Romance Is Dead by the local boys from Byron.


Good result with a great return to form with an album littered with highlights and doesn’t have any clear dull moments as it flows extremely well from start to finish.  I have strong feeling in my waters that this band will rule at soundwave so be sure to give them a captains.


1.) My Will Be Done 
2.) Hail the Shrine 
3.) Crow Killer 
4.) Grave of Opportunity 
5.) We Are Not Anonymous 
6.) The March 
7.) Cutsman 
8.) The Chosen 
9.) Letting Go 
10.) Truth or Consequence

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  1. Inferno

    Couldn’t disagree more. This album is boring and far too simple. The drumming is the worst part….. going from the last guy to the drums on this album is like going from an Aston Martin to a Datsun. 4/10.

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