Comeback Kid – Through The Noise (CD/DVD)



Through The Noise (CD/DVD)


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Comeback Kid were one of those bands that had a lot of hype around them early on in the piece, however their constant touring and impressive collection of recordings proved that CBK were more than a flash in the pan, so much so that they’ve gone on to sell more than 200,000 copies of their various albums all over the world! Initially the cynic in me rolled my eyes at yet another Victory Records endorsed DVD release (let’s face it, they’ve put out some real stinkers), however the high quality live recordings and in-depth documentary that is on offer is most definitely worth your hard earned.  

First up, the interview portion of the DVD is something that you should take the time to check out, especially if you plan on hitting the road with your band. It’s not uncommon for new or young groups to try their hand at touring and find themselves burnt out and hating each other after a few weeks, so to see the various members of Comeback Kid still smiling and enjoying their time together after ten straight months in the van (for the third year in a row) is both refreshing and inspiring. The financial hardships and personal differences that come with being in a full-time band are well documented, but these guys seem so genuinely appreciative of their opportunities that they manage to put a positive spin on anything that they come across.  

If you’re yet to catch a Comeback Kid show then the footage captured at the band’s mammoth seventeen song set in Leipzig, Germany will make you a believer. The huge amount of time the group has spent away from home has turned them into a well-oiled live unit, with each and every song packing the same punch that CBK have been able to achieve on record. Couple the quality musicianship with the fact that the five-piece are clearly enjoying their time together on stage, and we are left with one of the most high-energy live performances currently on offer.  

Picking stand-out songs from such a fantastic set was always going to be difficult, but the crowd reaction during the band’s singles (Wake The Dead, Broadcasting) as well as the harder hitting numbers like “Talk Is Cheap” are definite highlights. Throw in the promotional videos for the aforementioned singles and you’ve got an incredibly well rounded and high-quality package.


Don’t miss Comeback Kid on their upcoming Australian tour with Verse (USA), Carpathian and Against.


1. False Idols Fall
2. Die Tonight
3. Broadcasting…
4. Partners In Crime
5. Changing Face
6. Industry Standards
7. Defeated
8. All In A Year
9. Step Ahead
10. Talk Is Cheap
11. The Trouble I Love
12. Hailing On Me
13. Our Distance
14. Lorelei
15. Wake The Dead
16. Give’r (Reprise)
17. Final Goodbye
18. Live In Leipzing Concert
19. Our Distance Documentary
20. Broadcasting… (Video)
21. Wake The Dead (Video: Original Version)
22. Wake The Dead (Video: Monster Version)

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