Brokencyde – BC13 EP





Suburban Noize/Break Silence



For Fans Of

Breathe Carolina – Millionaires – Kill Paradise


Twenty minutes of my life I’m never getting back...


10 / 100

My mother always taught me to bite my tongue if I didn’t have anything nice to say. Well, FUCK THAT! A release this awful deserves to be publicly ridiculed… after all, that’s what the Internet is for. 

Imagine (if you dare) a collection of middle-class brats, all of whom are fascinated by Rise Records endorsed metalcore, MTV’s “Top Ten Club Count Down” and horrendous, teen-angst poetry that even the most tortured thirteen year old would laugh at. Yep, Brokencyde are THAT bad. 

I don’t care if these clowns are taking the piss, because this shit is not funny. If I wanted to listen to a vocalist who’s infatuated with a vocoder I’ll throw on the new T-Pain record thank you very much, and as for the incessant screaming throughout the EP’s five tracks, fuck off and join a band that’s remotely heavy already!  

If you’re stoked on V-Neck shirts and shitty haircuts then you’ll probably love this record, however the rest of us can take solace in the fact that our ears don’t have to be subjected to this garbage on a regular basis. 


I’ll leave you with a quote from British critic Warren Ellis, who described the band’s video for the track “Freaxxx” as: “a near-perfect snapshot of everything that’s shit about this point in the culture”. 


  1. Freaxxx
  2. Sex Toyz
  3. Schitzo
  4. A Hofasho
  5. Bree Bree

19 Responses to “Brokencyde – BC13 EP”

  1. MitchellMorphine

    This band is actually decent. But you need to be into the experimental side of music, Cause that is exactly what these guys are doing, They havent followed the direct lines of music as they are not screamo or electronica. People like this band as they have nice beats with catchy vocals. However if your not really into the screamo side of music or electronica. Your mind is already made. If you listen to it a few times it grows on you. I should no i’ve converted people who were more into hip hop and r’n’b to liking this band And if u dont like it you really shouldnt bag it out. At least there doing what they love and if they have followers good for them but they dont need to hear how shit there music is keep it to yourselves

  2. MChisholm28

    Only heard one of their songs..pretty sure my ears were bleeding after that experience.

    Absolutely terrible.

  3. Evumei

    I heard about them from a friend who said they were dreadful. I thought I’d check just to make sure.

    What I found was a totally new standard of bad.
    I might just go and stab my eardrums out with toothpicks now…

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