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Invasions Of The Mind


Bridge Nine/Stomp




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AFI – Bayside - Ruiner


If AFI aren’t doing it, these guys may as well…


90 / 100

Originality has a lot going for it, but there’s something to be said for good songwriting taking pole position over failed attempts at breaking down the musical barriers that we have become accustomed to. Energy is one band that adheres to the latter ideology, their very obvious love of AFI circa 1991 to 2000 coming through loud and clear on their Bridge Nine debut. And you know what, AFI sure as hell don’t sound like this anymore, so someone may as well run with it! 

If for some unknown reason you’re not familiar with “the sound” I’m talking about, allow me to describe it for you. Vocals that sit a couple of octaves above where most males should be able to sing, moody bass lines and guitar parts that are as comfortable churning out break neck riffs as they are gently picking away at atmospheric interludes. Oh, and don’t forget the heavy use of the all-important “whoa oh oh” gang vocals. So what does all this mean?  Well kids, it means Energy have crafted one of the strongest punk records of 2008! 

The heavy introduction that is “Invasions” gets things off to a tidy start with its driving tempos and ghostly overtones, all of which provides a smooth transition into the double-time loving “Hunter Red”, a song which has surely inspired a circle pit or two in its time. Backed by a tight rhythm section, Energy’s strangely named front man Tank is given the perfect platform to showcase his impressive range, his performance on tracks like “The Silence” and “400” putting many of his more conventional peers to shame. 

The combination of sparse guitars and strong back up vocals on “Contact” proves that Energy are more than a one-trick pony, while EPIC is the most fitting description I could think of when it came to the largely instrumental “Revelations”, both tunes providing a great contrast to the otherwise upbeat material that makes its presence felt on the remainder of the record.


Backed by a solid label and with an already impressive live reputation, Energy have “next big thing” written all over them.


  1. Invasions
  2. Hunter Red
  3. The Silence
  4. Heaven
  5. 400
  6. Contact
  7. Hail The Size Of Grapes
  8. 2 Whole Minutes Under Water
  9. The Satellite And The Hit
  10. Revelations
  11. Brickstone

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