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Suicide Season


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Metal dudes around the world are scratching their heads…


83 / 100

Bring Me the Horizon is a band name often synonymous with shitty fans and a singer who supposedly pissed on some girl.  Not much more, not much less.  Their previous release “Count your Blessings” was considered a joke to all but the pre pubescent female and males who would be better of being prepubescent females.  So, considering these sad be very true facts one would think the latest release from the young lads with nice hair from the UK would be a right piece of shite. Oh, cruel irony. 

They did what not many, if any (cue scribe joke) people with their status would have done.  Surprisingly, they journeyed to Sweden the homeland of amazing music and talented producers and wrote some of the party mosh anthems of the year. The production on this record is as good as it gets and it’s not surprising when it’s courtesy of the legendary Fredrick Nordström (At the Gates, Dark Tranquility and Soilwork).
Most of the songs are so ridiculously over the top it’s amazing.  The opening track “The Comedown” is a cracker of a first track and shows just how far these boys have come as musicians.  Any band that is capable of incorporating cheesy techno beats and brutal vocals and not make it sound a dog’s breakfast are going alright.  Oli’s screams are much more versatile and almost unrecognizable compared to pre “Suicide Season” and is far less reminiscent of a castrated Mexican.  Scene kids everywhere are devastated.  

A nice thick bass line opens “It Was Written in Blood” and is quite easily one of the strongest tracks.  The “sing along” options are bountiful and can be seen in “Football Season” working to maximum effect with the late IKTPQ drummer JJ Peters.  Much to everyone’s amusement there is even a special shout out to the girl involved in the court case with singer Oli, head to “No need for intro..” to see how he feels about the whole ordeal.    The closer and album titled track “Suicide Season” could almost be described as epic and basically devoid of anything once considered Bring Me the Horizon.
The only real gripe I have with Suicide Season is that a few tracks have blatant in cohesive filler sections which almost have the capability of ruin certain tracks.  Oh, and the album artwork is shithouse.  But if these are the main downfalls they have definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations.  Which was basically zero?


Suicide Season is one cd you desperate to hate but just can’t help but love.  It’s one of the most infectious records I have encountered in quite a while and hope to never encounter again.  A lot of ground seems to have been gained by the recent “Say Goodbye” tour and with the release of this record the future of Bring Me the Horizon is looking significantly more promising than it did 18 months ago.


1. The Comedown 
02. Chelsea Smile 
03. It Was Written In Blood 
04. Death Breath 
05. Football Season Is Over 
06. The Sadness Will Never End 
07. Sleep With One Eye Open 
08. Diamonds Aren’t Forever 
09. No Need for Introductions, I’ve Read about Girls like you on the Back of Toilet Doors 
10. Suicide Season

10 Responses to “Bring Me the Horizon – Suicide Season”

  1. aloffeld

    Chelsea Smile and Death Breath are kickass.

    But I’m sick of all the scene teeny hoes orgasming over Oli Sykes. Yeh, he’s a good screamer, but he doesn’t want to bang you ffs.

  2. post-hardcore

    It was a good review although i quite like a couple of tracks from count your blessings, such as Pray for plagues and Black and blue. The lyrics in their old stuff is pretty shithouse but they are good songs.
    Suicide Season is the best album i have heard all year! (the worst being “Im not a fan but the kids like it” by brokeNCYDE) And they were fucking awesome on their Australian tour with The Red Shore and Cancer Bats.

    Im sick of Scene chicks thinking they can get with Oli. All he wants from you is a blow job!!!!! and then maybe to piss on you………..

    Btw Drop Dead Clothing is fucking awesome, Got 2 tee’s (Oli sykes ows Drop dead clothing!!!!!!)

  3. Jakecus

    What a crap review, its to selective and not broad in its perspective,
    Yes count your blessings wasnt great, but this album is one of the best hardcore ablums ever made.

  4. Grimwade

    Lol someone YouTube “Black and Blue” drum cover of this band.
    It shows you how much thought the drummer has.
    Btw its not a compliment!

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