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For Fans Of

No Use for a Name, Millencolin, All Time Low


High quality Australian pop punk


84 / 100

Hailing from our nation’s capital, 10 year pop punk veterans Lamexcuse decided to grace our ears with the pleasure that is their first album “life.Like.Wild”. 14 tracks long and packed to the brim with tight harmonies and even tighter breakdowns, “Life.Like.Wild” is a high energy, well written release that really shows the abilities of the band.  

The album kicks of with 2 minutes of awesome. Off Bait is exactly what I like to hear when putting a new album in the old spinner. Roughly two minutes of sick riffs and massive vocal lines act like a resume for the band introducing exactly what to expect: tight, good music 

I think that basically the first 5 tracks of the album is where the most magic lies throughout the album. Wicked Witch, I thought, was a good track but not the stand out track as advertised. I personally think that Off Bait and By Habit are the equal winners of said “stand out track” title.  

This album is a bloody good release in my eyes. Reminds me a lot of the pop punk magic that was created in the 90’s by amazing bands such as No Use and Millencolin. I would say my only criticisms would be that the album runs too long and seems to drag on a bit towards the end (could be because the most powerful songs are at the start?) and that would be about it. 
Solid as lads, Solid as


Top notch Australian punk band producing a solid record. A win for the ear drums and a win for aussie punk rock. Would buy record anyday.


1.  Off Bait
2.  Endorphins
3.  Wicked Witch
4.  By Habit
5.  The Chestwig
6.  Stay A While
7.  Cheeky
8.  Two Worlds
9.  These Waters
10.  Dress It Up
11.  Sunday Champion
12.  Put Some Lemon On It
13.  Payback
14.  What Happened

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