The Living End – White Noise


White Noise


Dew Process/Universal



For Fans Of

AC/DC/Stray Cats


White noise: more than just static.


91 / 100
I was tempted to write ‘The Living End– Back bigger than ever!’ 
But then I would probably be lying to you. Yes TLE are back, bigger
than their self titled debut in ’99, well no, not so much. 

I first heard TLE were releasing their fifth studio album I was super
excited, but a little hesitant. I thought that maybe they should quit
while they were still ahead (State Of Emergency was well received by
fans and critics alike). But then White Noise was released and I liked
what I heard.  

noise begins with an enticing track ‘How Do We Know’ which welcomes
us back to where SOE left off. It’s memorable and full of those toe
tapping beats we’ve come to love from TLE. It’s basically everything
an album opener should be.  

album continues at this pace until track 3. Oh glorious track 3. “White
noise”, the title track and current single from the album displays
an upbeat, grooving riffs and catchy hook, which is pretty standard
stuff for TLE. And it’s a good song don’t get me wrong its just
after hearing it for the thousandth time on the radio it begins to..Uh…
get a little repetitive. Also I think TLE could have done better with
first single as musically there’s better songs on the album. 

like ‘Make The Call’ and Waiting ‘For The Silence’ keep the
pace, rocking a little harder each track. Andy Strachan’s drum work
is quiet impressive and knocks the beats out with ease. Scott Owen on
the double bass is fantastic as always but I would have liked to hear
it a little louder in mix, coz everyone loves a good ‘ole bass slap.
Chris Cheney, well that dude is in a league of his own. In my opinion
he’s one of the best Australian guitarists I ever heard, and when
this band are live fuck they’re good.  

worth a mention here are ‘Loaded Gun’ and ‘Hey Hey disbeliever’.
These two tracks stuck out as mixing it up with a little old school
TLE, with just a tweak of new stuff. These two tracks are amazing, starting
of slow and building the song up. Loaded Gun begins with a pretty rad
intro whereas ‘Hey Hey Disbeliever’s’ chorus is catchy enough
to miss your turn off on the freeway whilst driving. These tracks show
the true talent that these guys possess. The album closes on a slow
note with ‘Sum of Us’, a kind of reggae-ish/ ska mix different from
anything else on the album. It’s slower than most of the other songs
but closes the album on a high with Cheney ripping out a most fitting

trading in their rockabilly roots for a more grown up, melodic rock
sound, The Living End pull off another swell album, highly enjoyable
and defiantly one of easy listening for the oldies. 


So in conclusion The Living End are a pretty awesome band and considering
they were close to going on a permanent hiatus late ‘06 early ‘07
I’m defiantly pleased they’re back and with a decent album. Yes
this album maybe a little more on the pop side of that frenetic punk/rockabilly
energy we’re accustomed to but that’s musical growth for you.


  1. How Do We Know
  2. Raise The Alarm
  3. White Noise
  4. Moment In The Sun
  5. Waiting For The
  6. Make The Call
  7. Loaded Gun
  8. Kid
  9. 21st

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