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Clip the clean vocals… more epic sweeps and solos


65 / 100

You have to
give it to The Human Abstract, Nocturne (the first full length release
and the album prior to Midheaven) was released at a time when metalcore
was thriving and solos and guitar sweeps were a foreign concept in mainstream
metal (apart from the mighty BTBAM mind you). They have now developed
a decent fan base and are currently on a tour with the mighty Metallica
cover band Trivium in the states. 

So, let’s
review the checklist for the sophomore release Midheaven: Sweet packaging,
obscure picture inlays included, fantastic production and an extremely
talented bunch of gentlemen who excel at what they do.  Now, one
would think that with the above listed and checked off and confirmed
Midheaven should prove to be a pretty mint CD, a resounding wrong should
be echoing through your brain at this very moment.   While
the stage may be set for Midheaven to be a fantastic release, unfortunately
there is definitely something amiss which would mark any improvement
on its predecessor. 

The album
opens with A Violent Strike, which shows off some of the more
prominent solos of the album but is far too drawn out,  which
appears to be a reoccurring theme plaguing Midheaven at every turn.  Procession of the Fates picks up pace and finally provides a much
needed kick in the arse with a slow intro leading into some solid sweep
picking and double kick.  Breathing life into devices has an enjoyable and catchy chorus given the chance but still suffers
from the same overdone vocal lines which weigh Midheaven down substantially.   

The highlight
of Midheaven rears its head at track five titled Metanoia
The clean vocals sit back in mix well (at last) and has a stand out
breakdown that highlights both guitarists ability to have a fresh shred
given the chance.  It’s a shame the pace cannot be carried through
to finish of the album and after this point it becomes quite a chore
to distinguish one song from another.   

The closing
tracks Counting down the Days and A Dead World
at Sunrise
are forgettable and seemed cringe worthy and over done
at certain points dragged out far too long for the listener to maintain
interest past the first minute. 


It’s hard
not to be annoyed with the sophomore release from the human abstract. 
It’s nowhere near as captivating as its predecessor Nocturne and at
times had me wonder what went wrong.  But at the end of the day
at least it’s not the new Bury Your Dead album.


01. A Violent Strike 

02. Procession Of The Fates 

03. Breathing Life Into Devices 

04. This World Is A Tomb 

05. Metanoia 

06. The Path 

07. Echoes Of The Spirit 

08. Cal

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