The Briggs – Come All You Madmen



Come All You Madmen


Side One Dummy/Shock




For Fans Of

Against Me!, Street Dogs, (Early) Dropkick Murphys


Pump your fists and crack some skulls


68 / 100
When you think of L.A. bands what comes to mind? Don’t answer, I don’t actually care. But for what it’s worth I can pretty much guaran-fucking-tee you weren’t thinking of pint spilling, headbutting, fist pounding, singalong Irish style punk rock were you? Didn’t think so.

So into a scene overcrowded by faux-burnout dickhead rock and Australian soap actors trying to cut a break as legitimate musicians step The Briggs. With a sound and soul that could have come straight from the streets of Chicago or South Boston, these guys have been causing quite the ruckus in dives around their hometown since their inception in  2005. And while their debut CD ‘Back To Higher Ground’ didn’t bring them huge attention from outside of their local scene, it’s no doubt this latest effort, ‘Come All You Madmen’ will see the four piece swilling Jameson and brawling in bars the world over.

Opener Mad Men rollicks in like a drunk old sailor and sets the standard right off the bat, with clapping hands, a furious acoustic guitar backing, rowdy gang vocals, a catchy as hell chorus and a guest appearance from Ken Casey of The Dropkick Murphys just for kicks, there’s pretty much no way this album could be bad. The pace continues on through with the rockier This Is L.A. which forms the mid paced, ballsy sound on which the majority of the disc rests.

While they definitely keep with the raucous style of  Celtic punk, the music is straight down the line rock and roll, stripped back and gritty without a tin whistle or mandolin in sight. While this sound is pulled off perfectly well, it can get a bit monotonous at times as the folk melodies become lost in the churning guitars, which is why closing track Molly is easily my favourite of the lot. Maybe I’m just boring as fuck but this slow acoustic ballad totally won me over, it’s passionate and raw and gives vocalist Joey LaRocca’s strains the chance they deserve.

Moments of tedium do little to detract from what is otherwise a totally enjoyable album though, and on the whole this is a strong release from a rad band, well worth a listen.


All in all this is a solid, fun record. It’s not breaking any new ground and it won’t change your life or anything, but it never claims to.


1. Mad Men

2. This Is L.A.

3. Bloody Minds

4. What Was I Thinking?

5. Charge Into The Sun

6. Not Alone

7. Ship Of Fools

8. This Ship Is Now Sinking

9. Oblivion

10. Until Someone Gets Hurt

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