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75 / 100
Split CDs. What a bitch. I’ve had a sook about this before I know,
but they’re just such a panic to review. Don’t get me wrong, I’m
all for the concept and they’re sweet to listen to, but it’s like,
how do I score this shit? What if one band sucks and the other is dope?
How do I list the tracks? Etc.  

So as I’m loading this disc into the player I’m starting to sweat
a little bit and considering just telling KYS that the CD was never
delivered and don’t bother sending it again because I don’t have
a letterbox. But then Melbourne’s Worms Of The Earth kick into opener
The Lull and it’s like, shit, maybe I’ll be alright. 

This thing is crazy, it’s instantly atmospheric and even a little
ambient, but with an underlying ferocity that bleeds in gradually with
the addition of some huge chords and vocalist Rob Allen’s animalistic
barks, and then it’s on you before you know it, rolling and tearing
like a beast. 

Being lazy I’ve never seen these dudes live, and all I’d heard from
them prior to this was the demo they released earlier in the year which,
in all honesty, I wasn’t too hot on. But they’ve made this one their
own. It’s six songs spanned over three tracks and from what I gather
it’s a mini concept piece about a guy who dies in his sleep and wakes
up in limbo, which is fucking rad and the music works perfectly with
the calmness, the fear, and ultimate despondency of the protagonist. 

I could go on about the minutiae of this all day but you’re seriously
better off just buying the thing and working it out for yourself because
it’s the only way to do it justice and trust me, it’s awesome.  


So on to Brisbane bongsmen The Surrogate. With their first track The
Collapse they bring a similar sound to WOTE but slightly rockier, with
heavier heavy parts and softer soft parts. This is where reviewing splits
gets tricky though. Don’t get me wrong, these guys are sweet, there
is really nothing about them that I’d fault, it’s just that Worms
really do steal the show. While thoroughly enjoying almost everything
about the three tracks on offer bar some overly repetitive parts, I
just couldn’t help but find myself wanting to return to the start
of the disc.  


As three standalone songs The Surrogate hold their own superbly, with
technical proficiency and genuine feeling, but in this context they’re
walking in the footsteps of giants and sadly, a lot of what they bring
is just lost. 

At least I sorted out the tracklist problem though.


Splits are cool to listen to but shit to review because I end up feeling
like a jerk. Even though The Surrogate were overshadowed in this particular
case, they still demolish most other bands around and I’ll definitely
be keeping an eye out for them in future.


Worms Of The Earth 

1. The Lull/ Anew 

2. Clouds/ Sand 

3. Light/ The Quell 


The Surrogate 

4. The Collapse 

5. The Void 

6. The Endless

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