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What happened?


30 / 100
Fuuuuuck! I don’t know if I just got older or Atreyu just got
shitter or if the two events played out together in unison, but I used
to really like this band. 2002’s ‘Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses’
was a monumental album for me, having been my introduction to the band
I was blown away with their seamless melting of hardcore, punk and metal
into one cohesive unit, and it’s always stuck in my head as a cool


This is definitely not the case here, after setting opener Doomsday
off with an admittedly solid intro, things go downhill fast. The main
difference being vocalist Alex Varkatzas’ almost complete abandoning
of his scream in favour of a stupid droning shout, every now and then
making melodic interjections, presumably to give things a sense of rock
n roll attitude, but it doesn’t really work. At all.  Drummer
Brandon Saller still chimes in with his melodic singing parts, but without
Alex screaming it hardly seems necessary anymore. 


Vocals are not the only major change here though, drums have been slowed
down, guitars have been tuned down- and their metallic harmonized interplay
has been thrown to the dogs. The result is 11 tracks of sterile, lifeless,


There are a couple of standouts however, namely second track Honor,
which, while still sounding the same as pretty much every other song
on the album, has definitely got some backbone, and hits the new found
formula right on the head. The second is Slow Burn, and I really hate
to admit that because it basically just sounds like Good Charlotte doing
a hardcore song. Something about it just works though, it’s punchy
and catchy and of all the attempts made on this disc to change things
up and do something new, this is the only song that seems to succeed
because it’s confident and comfortable and the music finds its place.


That’s my major gripe with what these guys have done here; tried to
fix something that’s not really broken. Evolution can’t be manufactured,
bands progress and grow over time, often in ways not even they would
have expected, but it’s a process that can’t be replicated. Lead
Sails Paper Anchor is not progression, it’s change for the sake of
change, the consequences of which are boring, contrived and completely


1. Doomsday 

2. Honor 

3. Falling Down 

4. Becoming The Bull 

5. When Two Are One 

6. Lose It 

7. No One Cares 

8. Can’t happen Here 

9. Slow Burn 

22 Responses to “Atreyu – Lead Sails, Paper Anchor”

  1. conroyyy

    “Fuuuuuck! I dont know if I just got older or Atreyu just got shitter or if the two events played out together in unison, but I used to really like this band. 2002s Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses was a monumental album for me”

    well said sir.

  2. MissedChances

    ill be honest, the album has catchy hooks in some of the songs, but overall really lacking the grabbing factor. Still like it and love everything they have realised prior to that. Dont care what others may think.

  3. mitch666

    I agree this CD is nothing without Alex’s screaming
    And the songs just go completely downhill from song 5 (bar Blow of course)
    They r just changing for the sake of change and to try and get into the mainstreem
    Its pathetic
    It really makes me sad when great bands go and do uunbelieveably dumb things
    Like selling out for Example

    Shame on you Atreyu

  4. KYS-Josh

    LOL. I didn’t really get into this album either. I liked Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses and The Curse. Releasing a “Best Of” after three albums is either highly pretentious or to escape a record contract by fulfilling the last of their alb commitments with a B.O. Anyway like all reviews they are just one persons opinion. No one is right or wrong…However there is one thing we can all agree on; the Feldman production is over the top, lame and sterile. Almost everything he has done in the ‘Alternative’ market sounds the same. et al: the used, story of the year and atreyu. just play in goldfinger FFS!

  5. norm

    Dear #2,
    The fact that you liked a song for the sole reason of the lyircs, “She’ll fuck you just for the taste” is probably why the general public doesn’t care for your input.
    And #18,
    If you really could crap a better review than Brett can write, why aren’t any of yours posted?

  6. xXxmillxXx

    when i saw them live they were very good, but i have this record and the curse, and both are boring beyond the point of comprehension… and it’s obvious #2 is trying to stir the shit here…

  7. KliddY

    The only song I really liked was Lose it. Even though the screams aren’t in there that much, it still just brought back of memories of their old album, “The curse” Good shit. Now, bad shit.

  8. aloffeld

    Oh jesus, this was a god awful album to follow The Curse.

    Apart from every song being dominated by Brandon, the thing that really clued me in on how shit they’d become was when my friend, who is strictly Top 40, said “I love Falling Down! Its so good! Burn me the album”.

    My face was like =O for 10 minutes straight.

  9. Anonymous

    Suicide Notes totally blew my mind and changed my music taste forever. The Curse was sweet. “Her Portait In Black” is one of the best songs they wrote and should have been included on “A Deathgrip . .”. . . . . this however is a total piece of shit. Far too much soft vocals and crappy big hairspray rock ripoff riffs. And yeah I’m pretty sure the “best of” was to get out of their contract.

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