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Front Lines, Dark Times


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80 / 100

The biggest problem for bands
who depend largely on the energy contained in their songs to form their
sound, is that the intensity of a live show often transfers miserably
to recording. Even when this feat is achieved, it can be impossible
to recreate outside of the studio. So when a band comes along who can
walk the fine balance dead centre between these two extremes, you know
you’re onto a good thing. 


Melbourne’s MDK have dug their roots in deep supporting the likes
of Behind Crimson Eyes and Identity Theft, all the while taking time
to pinpoint the most effective elements of their music, ungraciously
shit canning anything that doesn’t pack real punch. This meticulous
process is no easy task, but undeniably worthwhile. The result is ‘Front
Lines, Dark Times’, six straight up tracks of truly hard hitting energy. 


We kick things off with Troubled Times, a song I thought an odd choice
for an opening track at first, until the pummeling, anthemic chorus
broke over my head and I got a real sense of what I was in for. This
song is a perfect example of a band who are in total control of their
sound and know exactly what to do with it.  


But the highlight comes in the form of Loud And Clear, a blazing attack
of crunching guitars interlaced with knife edged melodies and vocals
that make you want to shout at the top of your lungs, tied together
with drum fills that fire like a tommygun. To me, this sums up perfectly
what MDK are capable of. 


This isn’t to say the disc is without flaws. One Soldier’s Lament,
while still a snappy song, to me doesn’t seem to be as concrete as
the rest. Whether this is a result of it being rushed in writing, or
an older song that got left behind as the band’s style progressed,
it just doesn’t boast that level of control or ease that makes the
rest of the tracks great.  



For the most part however, this is music written with heart and played
with confidence. It’s pounding, rock solid, and guaranteed to have
you singing along from the record to the stage. 


1. Troubled Times 

2. Loud And Clear 

3. One Soldier’s Lament 

4. Drawing Dead 

5. Come To This 

6. Run To Daylight

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  1. MissedChances

    if i have to make a negative comment about this ep. id have to say i really cant distinguish some of the songs from each other. otherwise i really do like it.

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