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Songs To Scream At The Sun


Bridge Nine/Stomp




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Much hyped hardcore outfit deliver the goods…


88 / 100

Since the release of 2006’s The Things We Carry, HaveHeart’s passionately delivered
tunes have been striking a chord with hardcore audiences across the
globe, the word of mouth buzz surrounding the band’s intense live
shows resulting in a constantly expanding fan base that has reached
fever pitch since Songs To Scream At The Sun hit shelves. But
does the record live up to the hype? That’s a resounding yes from
this corner! 

From the opening chords of “The
Same Son” it is obvious HaveHeart mean business, as PatFlynn’s powerful vocals ring true over the top of the
gritty riffs and rolling bass lines, all of which provides the perfect
introduction to “Bostons”, a track that is as aggressive as they
come yet it somehow retains the same melodic edge that we have become
so accustomed to. 

The comparisons to ModernLifeIsWar will be inevitable, however that’s not
to say “Pave Paradise” is a copycat effort… far from it. Quite
simply, the song’s general vibe and Patrick’s story-teller
style lyrical approach, create the same mood that HaveHeart’s
recently defunct peers championed over the last few years, while the
almost hypnotic “On That Bird In The Cage” only solidifies my opinion
that HH are leaders of an overcrowded pack.  

fantastic production job really shines through on tracks like “Brotherly
Love”, the sparse guitars and intricate drum parts sitting perfectly
in the mix, while the same can be said for the catchy “No Roses, No
Skies”, a song that takes sing-a-long punk and gives it a modern,
hardcore twist. Although it clocks in at less than sixty-seconds, “The
Taste Of The Floor” is a worthy inclusion on Songs To Scream At The
Sun, as it provides the perfect pathway into the ambient, string-heavy

“Hard Bark On The Family Tree”
picks up the pace yet again, all the while keeping with the atmospheric
feel that the rest of the record has created, “The Same Sun” rounding
out the consistently impressive effort.


It’s not often a group is able
to capture their live intensity on record, however HaveHeart
have done just that. The combination of a well-suited production job
and heart felt, perfectly executed songs have resulted in one of the
hardcore discs of the year.


  1. The Same Son
  2. Bostons
  3. Pave Paradise
  4. On That Bird In The
  5. Brotherly Love
  6. No Roses, No Skies
  7. The Taste Of The Floor
  8. Reflections
  9. Har

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