The Mission In Motion – A Curse, A Calling


A Curse, A Calling






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Solid second effort from these New South Welshmen…


84 / 100

Having earned themselves a reputation
as a competent (but by no means a “must hear”) pop punk act, Sydney
based The Mission In Motion have spent the last twelve-months
brushing up on all things alternative rock, and as such they’ve produced
a punchy five-track affair that is bursting at the seams with sing-a-long
choruses and memorable guitar work.  

While the band’s earlier work
fell into the “we love Taking Back Sunday an awful lot” category,
the increased use of thick, bottom heavy riffs and the vast improvement
in Brett’s vocals will see The Mission In Motion continue
to rise up through the ranks of Australian rock royalty. 

Opening salvo “The News” shows TMIM at their groove heavy best. The bass driven verses provide
the perfect platform for the arena ready choruses, while the combination
of instantly memorable vocals and solid riffing makes this an excellent
choice for lead track. “Last Crusade” doesn’t have the same kick
as its predecessor, but what it lacks in power it makes up for with
intricate guitar parts and engaging melodies.  

With its quiet verse/bombastic
chorus formula, “We Take This To The Night” is the perfect single,
the upbeat rhythm section guiding the song through its various twists
and turns, all of which lead the listener to a hook that’s bound to
be stuck in your head long after you press the stop button. The top
notch production job allows the impressive guitar work of the record’s
title track to shine through, while the gentle ballad this is “Esmeralda’s
Prophecy” has far more substance than most of the other token ballads
I’ve come across this year.


If The Mission In Motion
keep this up it won’t be long before mainstream recognition comes
knocking on their door. 


  1. The News
  2. Last Crusade
  3. We Take This To The
  4. A Curse, A Calling
  5. Esmeralda’s Prophecy

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