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Victims Or Killers


Trial & Error



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Integrity – Hatebreed - Terror


Harder than a coffin nail…


87 / 100

They breed ‘em tough in the
steel city, and Dropsaw are no exception. With their 2007 release, MissingLimbs, well and truly putting them on the map, the
Newcastle five-piece have taken another step forward, as VictimsOrKillers shows the band at their metallic best. Thanks
to a top-notch production job (courtesy of The Red Shore’s Roman Koester), Dropsaw circa 2008 are a precise and incredibly heavy unit, one
that is now on an even keel with our country’s heaviest hitters. 

With its wailing lead guitars
and foot to the floor tempo it’s hard not to compare “Fiction’s
Largest Character” to the work of metalcore forefathers Integrity,
however what the band lacks in originality is offset by the high quality
song writing. The group’s technically impressive guitar work is once
again on display throughout “In Man We Trust”, the musical onslaught
providing the perfect platform for Jarrod to wax lyrical about
his contempt for the human race, while “Anticipation Of Death…”
is forty-eight seconds of pure adrenaline. 

Although “Action, Reaction”
doesn’t march to the same beat as the album’s first three tracks,
its half time drumming and groove infused riffs still deliver the same
aggressive punch that Dropsaw are capable of, all of which is
backed up by a guest vocal slot from Brett of Samsara/Shotpointblank
fame. “Victims Or Killers” and “Pure Hatred” both follow a similar
blueprint, one that has served the band so well in the past and will
no doubt continue to prosper as Dropsaw’s musical ability continues
to flourish, the assault only pausing for the all to brief instrumental,
“Modern Warfare”. 

The menacing “Judge & Juror”
shows that the band don’t have to rely on pace to make an impact,
the engaging fret work proving to be more than enough to hold the listener’s
attention. Having Mindsnare’sMattMaunder contribute
guest vocals to your record is always a sure fire recipe for success,
but when the song is as commanding as “The Cobra” it takes things
to a whole new level, which just leaves “City Limits” and “Warning!
This Is A Wasteland” to close out the record, the tough as nails riffs
ending VictimsOrKillers on a high note.


Great songs and great production
make for a first grade package, so taking into account how spot on
Dropsaw’s live show is I don’t see any reason why these guys
can’t join Her Nightmare at the top of the Australian
hardcore heap.


  1. Fiction’s Largest
  2. In Man We Trust
  3. Anticipation Of
    Death is Worse Than Death Itself
  4. Action, Reaction
  5. Victims Or Killers
  6. Pure Hatred
  7. M

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