Kill Hannah – Until Theres Nothing Left Of Us



Until Theres Nothing Left Of Us


Roadrunner Records




For Fans Of

30 Seconds To Mars – The Killers – My Chemical Romance


Ruining modern music, one song at a time…


50 / 100

My wife is incredibly open-minded
and non-judgmental when it comes to music, yet even she said (and I’m
quoting here), “Wow, this band is really terrible”. Yes, that’s
right, Kill Hannah’s melodramatic hybrid of pop, rock and whatever
else they were listening to at the time is that bad that even my better
half doesn’t back it.  

Imagine if you would, a cheesier
and less talented version of 30 Seconds To Mars (a version that
appears to wear more make up) and you’re getting close to the Kill
sound and aesthetic. The press release that accompanies this
record has quotes from both Billy Corgan and Mikey Way
singing the band’s praises, but I’d be genuinely shocked if KH ever reached the same level of popularity as either the Smashing
or My Chemical Romance

After the sluggish introduction
of “Sleep Tonight” you’re given the clearly eighties influenced
“Believer”, a song that features some effect-soaked guitar work
and a driving rhythm section, however the entire thing is thrown off
by the band’s vocalist Mat Devine, his “is it a guy or it s a girl”
singing style doing nothing for the overall Kill Hannah sound. I have
to question whether or not the guys in KH actually write their
own songs, as the lyrics to “Lips Like Morphine” look like excerpts
from a thirteen year olds diary, not that of someone who’s probably
able attend an over twenty-eights bar.  

“Boys And Girls” sounds like
it could be playing over the top of a Breakfast Club montage (yep, another
eighties reference), while “The Song That Saved Me Life” continues
in a similar fashion, with the band’s helium induced vocals clashing
with crunching guitars. By the time “Crazy Angel” rolls around it’s
becoming more and more apparent that Kill Hannah are a one trick
pony, as many of the songs on Until There’s Nothing Left Of Us
uses the same song writing formula: Almost every track has an electronic
introduction, a series of quiet verses and finally a made for radio

It isn’t until the slightly
more dynamic “Black Poison Blood” kicks in that I realize the last
few songs have flown by without me even noticing, another indication
that Kill Hannah have an over reliance on their on one particular
song writing template. The last four songs on the record have a more
dynamic edge compared to the earlier showings the band have put forward,
so maybe KH’s next record may have a little more substance.


For all the record company driven
hype there isn’t anything overly impressive about this release, and
for the record, bragging about a band’s high number of MySpace friends
looks desperate. Better luck next time.


  1. Sleep Tight
  2. Believer
  3. Lips Like Morphine
  4. Boys Like Girls
  5. The Songs That Saved
    My Life
  6. Crazy Angel
  7. 10 More Minutes With
  8. The Collapse

7 Responses to “Kill Hannah – Until Theres Nothing Left Of Us”

  1. KatieM

    This review is utter rot. To call such an incredible band really terrible forces me to ask what kind of music your ‘non-judgmental’ wife listens to… Kill Hannah’s songs are truly inspiring, their music ever inviting and individual. Also, as a live band, they are simply incredible. It is ridiculous to target the band for the record company’s marketing of the album; yes Kill Hannah does have many myspace friends, but because they are an amazing band! People don’t just add random bands that they think are rubbish, you know. For anyone who has read this ridiculous review and has been put off Kill Hannah, take my advice. This reviewer blatantly can’t review. There are many mistakes with the song names, and he even admits to not listening to some of the songs… yeah, I don’t think this can even be considered a real, fair review. Give them a listen on myspace, and if you like what you hear (you will!) buy this album. You won’t regret it, unlike ‘Cam’ who should regret not getting someone to proof read this atrocious article.

  2. Dan632

    i think he hit the nail right on the head. this album blows.
    he did listen to the songs, they were just so alike he couldn’t differentiate between them, i know what he means. i’ve suffered through this same album.

  3. KatieM

    No, Cam, I don’t. I’m just picking out some of the unfair points you made, in order to offer a different opinion of this album, instead of discouraging people from listening to a band by making cheap and worthless digs.

  4. Evumei

    I agree that people shouldn’t be discouraged to listen to something for themselves. But… in saying that I must agree that the album is pretty bad [in my honest opinion]. There isn’t a great deal going for it and it’s evident that they’ve reused the same song-writing formula over and over.

    That said I do rather enjoy some of their earlier stuff.

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