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90 / 100

It seems as though House VS
have come out of nowhere, as the last six months have
seen the band gracing more stages around the country than many of their
peers, however far from being overnight sensations, this Melbourne based
six-piece now has the recorded output to back up their recent hype. 

The Forfeiture EP is a seven-song collection that shows just how diverse the HvH
sound really is. Whether they’re dabbling in mosh heavy breakdowns
or ambient interludes in the vein of Misery Signals, the band demonstrates
a musical maturity that perfectly compliments their youthful enthusiasm. 

After the brief, synth driven
“introduction” you’re hit the EP’s title track, a tune which
features a balance of the band’s heaviest elements with some of their
most melodic. Front man Chris D possesses a growl, which is actually
decipherable, a rarity in this day and age, while clean singing guitarist Ryan has as set of pipes on him that is usually reserved for a band’s
main man. “Comforting Our Thoughts…” continues in a similar fashion,
delivering a series of hard hitting riffs that is offset by the song’s
melodious mid-section. 

The more upbeat “Singing Through
Water” is sure to be a live favourite, the electronic flourishes giving
the song an additional edge that is often lacking from something that
is relatively straight forward, while the instrumental “Colour Space”
shows an entirely different side to the House VS Hurricane sound.
The high energy “The Only Virtue” sees the group’s discordant
riffing pair up with another huge chorus which just leaves the keyboard
driven “Furious George” to round out the record.


If this is a taste of things to
come then House VS Hurricane have a very bright future indeed.
Do yourself a favour and see these guys pull it off live!


  1. Introduction
  2. Forfeiture
  3. Comforting Our Thoughts
    In A Continuous Blue
  4. Seeing Things Through
  5. Colour Space
  6. The Only Virtue
  7. Furious George

10 Responses to “House VS Hurricane – Forfeiture”

  1. CaptainNobody

    Kill Your Stereo Frying The Small Fish

    Kill Your is an absolute joke, an pathetic excuse for a Destroy All Lines affiliated group of people that pretend to be independent and unashamedly plug Destroy All Lines and Staple affiliated artists. Does this surprise you in any way? The page is only owned and run by leading members of backwater metal act Behind Crimson Eyes and hasbeen vocalist turned fame hungry reality tv star Crafter of I Killed The Prom Queen. The site not only focusses exclusively on the inner workings of the destroy all lines band catalogue and management roster but neglects and ostricises other local acts. The reviews are pointless to read, a waste of ones time. Never will a Boomtown/Destroy All Lines or Staple artist recieve a review below the 80 mark, despite how uninspired and repetitive the act may be ie. (House vs. Hurricane: 90, In Fiction: 93). On other hand, the piss poor writers fry whichever local act they choose, provided they know they get away with it. Frying the small fish is a common technique used by commercially conscious media outlets, ie A Current Affair chasing the dodgy plummer for ripping people off 80 bucks and not the Petrol companies which rip people off 8 million bucks. Its a tried and true method, you can always get away with destroying someone small, an independent act, with no management, label or commercial interests. The site masks itself as an independent music news and reviews page when it is only a channel for Destroy All Lines to advertise, promote and popularise its own flailing acts. And they are oh so clever, but anyone can see through the facade that is When the trends die, the bands fall to pieces and the scene fades away Destroy All Lines will be left with nothing but a back catalogue of failed acts and shattered dreams. I’m looking forward to that day.

  2. CaptainNobody

    Oh sorry, thought I’d point out, that the guy that wrote this article on House Vs Hurricane is also the bands booking agent

  3. crafter

    i have nothing to do with kys..
    but it a great point u made..

    best was when he wrote off the hot lies and then kys took it down when the promoter of the band had a hissy fit..

    way to have a back bone guys…

  4. post-hardcore

    Fuck off all of you who are saying shit.
    Who gives a fuck if the reviewer has anything to do with HvH. Listen to the fucking songs yourself. They are fucking awesome. Forfeiture is the vest fucking song i have ever litened to live. These guys are great fucking performers! if you want to complain about something go listen to the album “Im not a fan but the kids like it” by brokeNCYDE then you will know what pigs getting slaughtered and queers trying to sing with a mouthful of cum sounds like while a toddler plays him elmo instruments in the corner and watches.

  5. mynameishell

    i can tell you i have listened to both.
    and i will greatly agree that brokencyde is worse. much, much, much, much worse.
    however, i am sick to death of this band and the hype surrounding them. i have seen them live a fair few times and yeah they do put on a good show, so i will give them that. that said, they wouldn’t get anywhere near the best bands i’ve seen live so… that as well.
    however, i find they’re music very, bland. and i get so sick of people hypeing them up. i really can’t stand the techno bits in their music, or the same old scream sing scream sing formula.

    at least we can agree that brokencyde suck balls and area poor pathetic excuse for hardcore/rap/life.

  6. lockieb

    hahaah nice comments……
    good ep, but i think you are beautifying it a fair bit…..”while clean singing guitarist Ryan has as set of pipes on him that is usually reserved for a band’s main man”….what the hell he sucks haha

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