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The Earth Sings MI FA MI





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First rate farewell from the recently defunct five piece...


89 / 100

The Receiving End Of Sirens were destined for big things. Armed with a trio of guitarists/vocalists,
the band built themselves a buzz-worthy reputation off the back of their
un-rivaled live performances, their unorthodox and intriguing approach
to song writing well and truly setting the five piece apart from many
of their contemporaries. But alas, like so many bands before them, they
broke up well before their prime, which makes The Earth Sings MI
an unexpected swan song of sorts, one that should be added
to your record collection post haste. 

If you’re yet to hear TREOS
then the most apt description I can give you is this… the band play
an atmospheric blend of rock n roll, one that relies more heavily on
mood and layered instrumentation than guitar theatrics and as such,
you’re hit with a wall of sound that requires repeated listens to
fully grasp what’s going on. 

The dramatic build of “Swallow
People Whole” starts things off, the electronic flourishes giving
the song another element in its already dense sound that culminates
in a myriad of different vocal and instrumental parts. Staggered beats
are the order of the day in “Oubliette” however the song’s chorus
still cuts through with a minimum of fuss, while “The Crop And The
Pest” breathes new life into the quiet/loud dynamic that so many other
bands fail to use make the most of. 

If you’ve got a short attention
span then “The Salesman, The Husband, The Lover” probably isn’t
for you. If however you’re capable of giving your undivided attention
to a seven-minute epic then there’s a lot to enjoy about this song,
most notably the ambient sound effects that permeate throughout the
riffs. As the album’s most direct track “Smoke And Mirrors” was
an obvious choice as the first single, but that’s not to say that
its in any way a by the numbers pop number. Utilizing the full force
of TREOS three-pronged guitar attack, the song couples thick
guitar work with soaring melodies, both of which combine to make one
hell of an impressive racket. 

“The Realization Of The Ear”
has more in common with Icelandic group Sigur Ros, and as such,
it acts as interlude, one that enhances the impact of “Saturnus”,
which is the most straight forward (and most rocking) tune on the record.
“Wanderers” sounds like the result of an acid inspired jam session
(not that it’s a bad thing) and “Stay Small” features one of the
most driving choruses that TREOS have to offer. The final cluster
of songs on The EarthSings MI FA MI is equal parts progressive
rock and ambient experimentation, a great way to end a record that has
shown the band have a firm grasp on both ends of the musical spectrum.


It’s a shame we won’t be hearing
any new music from The Receiving End Of Sirens
as it seems like the band was really hit their collective stride. I’m
looking forward to seeing where their members go from here.


  1. Swallow People Whole
  2. Oubliette (Disappear)
  3. The Crop And The Pest
  4. The Salesman, The Husband,
    The Lover
  5. Smoke And Mirrors
  6. The Realization Of
    The Ear
  7. Satur

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