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Modern Life Is War – The Hope Conspiracy - Blacklisted


Promising demo from new Melbourne outfit…


79 / 100

When ex and current members of Carpathian, The Stallion and Bear Trap get together big things are expected, and the band
certainly doesn’t disappoint on their first demo. The comparisons
to the recently defunct Modern Life Is War will be inevitable, however Hopeless have successfully expanded
on the foundations laid by their predecessors and put together a solid
first release. 

The musical portion of demo opener
“The Pact” is catchy from the get go, and while the band is hardly
breaking down any genre boundaries the quality of the songwriting more
than compensates for any shortcomings on the originality front. Hopeless
vocals are something of an acquired taste and although they can be a
little unsettling at first repeated spins of the disc saw the unorthodox
singing grow on me. 

“The Outsider” is further
proof that a band doesn’t need to reply on pace to write a song that
is hard hitting, while “The Factory” sees a tasteful southern rock
inspired guitar solo added to the already impressive mix of punk and
melodic hardcore.


Be sure to catch the band on their
upcoming shows with The Seduction, as their sound translates
incredibly well in a live setting!


  1. The Pact
  2. The Outsider
  3. The Factory

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