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You have got to be kidding…


30 / 100

I have a theory about this EP. Walls Of Jericho were offered a ridiculously large sum of money
to write a bunch of acoustic/melodramatic rock songs (who would have
thought Myspace genre listings would come in handy!). In fact, the amount
of money must have been so large that it is enabling the members of WOJ to retire and never have to worry about writing records again,
because the tripe that is on offer here will more than likely send the
band’s existing fan base running for the hills. 

Redemption is a five track acoustic
disc that was produced by Corey Taylor of Slipknot fame. Now there are a few problems with this. Here,
let me list them in point form for you: 

  • Candace Kucslain (Walls Of Jericho vocalist) is not a good singer.
  • Melodramatic “woe
    is me” acoustic numbers are best left to the idiots in Evanescence
    at least she can sing!
  • Slipknot isn’t exactly a pillar of musical authority, are they?

Before anyone jumps down my throat
and says, “you obviously don’t like soft music” I can assure that
is not the problem (my favourite CD is Moon Safari for fuck’s sake).
Quite simply, the songs are mediocre and the vocals are second rate.
There are people out there who are incredibly talented singer/songwriters
and as such, this style of music should be left to them. Walls Of
need to go back to writing maniacal, metallic hardcore and
leave this kind of thing to the professionals. 


Oh yeah, don’t listen to the
cover of “House Of The Rising Sun”! I love that song and the last
thing I needed was to hear it butchered by Candace and co!


  1. Ember Drive
  2. My Last Stand
  3. No Saving Me
  4. House Of The Rising
  5. Addicted

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  1. goldenphoenix1

    anyone notice how simple the guitars are, chord progs and melodies are
    they obviously wrote a whole bunch of acoustic fills for an album and decided to cell it.
    fkn hell
    shut the bitch up

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