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Hail Destroyer






For Fans Of

Bars – Every Time I Die – The Hope Conspiracy


Bringing the Canadian thunder for another round…


92 / 100

Having knocked the music buying
public on their collective arses with 2006’s Birthing The Giant
(released here in Australia in 2007), Canada’s Cancer Bats
have returned with another slab of rock n roll infused punk, one that
pays less attention to the southern grooves of their earlier work and
instead focuses on a more streamlined assault on your senses.  

While the Cancer Bats’
previous records hit like a heavyweight boxer’s right hook they have
somehow found a way to dirty up their sound even further, the driving
nature of the songs making Hail Destroyer a relentless listening

The album’s title track kicks
off with one of the best riffs of the year, which is ably assisted by
a shout along chorus that should have even the most jaded gig goer nodding
in approval. “Harem Of Scorpions” sounds like the work of a rough
and ready Boston hardcore band, the most obvious comparison being The Hope Conspiracy, however the song is too damn good to be dismissed
as a “copy-cat” effort, while the slightly down temp “Deathsmarch”
is another track that benefits from the punchy gang vocals. 

“Regret” is yet another tune
that draws from Scott Middleton’s (Cancer Bats guitarist) arsenal
of riffs and “Bastard’s Waltz” is everything a sleazy rock song
should be… which brings us to “Sorceress”, the most devastating
song the Cancer Bats have penned to date. Seriously, this is
tough as shit. “Lucifer’s Rocking Chair” must have been written
with head banging in mind because that’s exactly what you’ll be
doing when you hear it, while “Let It Pour” picks the pace up again.  

Sounding like a bastardized, punk
rock version of a Pantera track, “Smiling Politely” is one
of the hardest hitting songs that CB have on offer, one that
is only rivaled by the circle pitting fury of “Pray For Darkness”.
The final two tracks both share a similar groove and while not as strong
as the album’s earlier material are still worthy additions to what
is an outstanding record.


Hopefully we can see the Cancer
Bats back in Australia some time soon as I for one cannot wait to hear these songs in the live setting. Grab the record, learn the words and get ready to sing-a-long kids! 


  1. Hail Destroyer
  2. Harem Of Scorpions
  3. Deathsmarch
  4. Regret
  5. Bastard’s Waltz
  6. Sorceress
  7. Lucifer’s Rocking
  8. Let It Pour
  9. Smiling Polit

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