A Year To Remember – A Year To Remember (EP)


A Year To Remember (EP)






For Fans Of

Kiss Chasy – The Get Up Kids – Jimmy Eat World


Power pop at its finest…


83 / 100

I hadn’t heard of this band
until a few weeks ago, but if the five tracks on offer are anything
to go by then A Year To Remember is going to be household name within twelve months. Coming off like
a Clarity era JimmyEat World with the quirky keyboard antics of The Get Up Kids, AYTR
have both the songs and the stage presence to capture the attention
of even the most cynical music fans.  

Trying to put an original spin
on a genre such as pop infused rock n roll is a near impossible task,
but when the hooks are this infectious I don’t think it really matters.
“Tastefully Tricky” is practically begging for you to sing a long…
not that you’d have a say in the matter as the chorus is guaranteed
to be embedded in your brain after the first spin.  

I was trying to think of a comparison
for the second track “Bombs”, but I think the trick behind good
song writing is coming up with something that’s oh so familiar without
plagiarising someone else’s work, something that AYear
To Remember
seem to have down pat. The almost Brit-pop feel of “Home”
makes for an undeniably catchy tune while “Escape” takes a more
fast paced approach to get the point across, which leaves the pop punk
leaning “Be There Be Square” to round out proceedings.


Mark my words, A Year To Remember are going to be your new favourite band.


  1. Tastefully Tricky
  2. Bombs
  3. Home
  4. Escape
  5. Be There Be Square

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