New Found Glory – Tip Of The Iceberg EP/International Superheroes Of Hardcore


Tip Of The Iceberg EP/International Superheroes Of Hardcore


Bridge 9/Stomp



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H2O – Set Your Goals - Lifetime


Welcome back fellas…


94 / 100

I love everything New Found
has released, although record sales would indicate that my
enthusiasm for their last studio record (From The Screen To Your Stereo
Part II aside) Coming Home wasn’t shared by the masses. Still,
maybe things have turned out for the best because free from the constraints
of a major label contract the Florida five piece have written a record
that is filled to the brim of all the trademark NFG elements
that we have come to love. The vocals are whiny, the beats are fast
and the choruses were custom built to have crowds jumping. 

For those of you that haven’t
been reading your monthly music publications (or even the news section
on this here website) this NFG release boasts two discs, the
first containing three original tracks and three covers (more on that
shortly), the second being the tongue in cheek debut  from the
InternationalSuperheroes Of Hardcore.  

The Tip Of The Iceberg’s title track starts things off with a fast pace, something we haven’t
really heard since Sticks And Stones… the gang vocals and mosh
parts being the icing on the cake. “Dig My Own Grave” is a more
groove friendly tune, one that no doubt slots perfectly into the New Found Glory live show. The video is pretty funny as well! The
third and final original tune on show is “If You Don’t Love Me”,
a pop punk tune that is so catchy that it puts NFG’s countless
imitators to shame.  

Covers usually go one of two ways…
they are either incredibly well done or they are downright fucking horrible.
I think it’s safe to say that it’s a job well done when it comes
to the Gorilla Biscuits penned “No Reason Why”, the Hare
Krishna friendly “Here We Go Again” (sick Shelter tattoo Corey)
and the Lifetime classic “Cut The Tension”.  

Now, the International Superheroes
Of Hardcore
… what can I say except this CD is hilarious. If you
don’t have a sense of humour then you should probably keep moving,
however those of us who enjoy a few laughs will thoroughly enjoy this
CD. Whether it is the public stab at eyeliner-clad bands courtesy of
“Screamo’s Gotta Go” (cheers Agnostic Front) or having our safety
threatened by Madball, each of the twelve songs on offer are
musically solid and lyrically amusing. Oh yeah, Chad has swamped
his guitar for the mic to show that he’s still got the same set of
pipes that first put him on the map with Shai Hulud and the ripe
age of sixteen.


It’s New Found Glory. There are eighteen songs, there are pogo mosh parts and the artwork
is awesome. If you’re still not sold then you’re never going to get it. Whatever… I love it.


Tip Of The Iceberg EP 

  1. Tip Of The Iceberg
  2. Dig My Own Grave
  3. If You Don’t Love
  4. No Reason Why (Gorilla
    Biscuits cover)
  5. Here We Go Again (Shelter

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