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Tracks: Pretty Good Year - The Inquirer – Brittle Heart


Veterans showing the kids how it’s done…


93 / 100

Having spent time with the Dan Yemin fronted Paint It Black, Dave Hause to decided
to strike out on his own sometime in 2003 and start The Loved Ones.
After rounding out his line up (with members of Kid Dynamite
and Trial By Fire no less) the band was able to release an EP
through the illustrious Jade Tree label before landing themselves
on punk rock stalwarts Fat Wreck Chords

Towards the end of 2006 The
Loved Ones
experienced a line up change, one that saw the inclusion
of Chris Gonzalez and David Walsh, both of whom were members
of the promising outfit The Explosion (who sadly broke up before
reaching their full potential). With such an experienced line up in
place it’s no wonder that Build & Burn is one of the best
records of 2008! 

“Pretty Good Year” gets the
listeners attention almost immediately. Stylistically TheLoved Ones aren’t exactly re-inventing the wheel however the caliber
of their songwriting and Dave’s penchant for penning a chorus
makes them instantly memorable. Settling in to more of a mid paced groove
is “The Inquirer”, proving that The Loved Ones don’t need
to rely on pace to pack a punch as yet another vocal line embeds itself
into your memory. 

Now I can’t imagine that “The
Bridge” was written with a potential crowd reaction in mind however
the chorus is practically begging for a room full of people to scream
it back at the band, the almost bouncy tempo providing a nice contrast
to the straight forward approach of “Sarah’s Game”.  

To say that “Brittle Heart”
is the token ballad on this record is not doing the song justice. I
mean, when was the last time you heard a song and straight away imagined
yourself in a small, crowded venue singing along with one hundred other
die hards to your favourite band?! Although it starts a little slowly The Loved Ones come through with the goods when it comes to chorus
time in “Selfish Masquerade”, while “Third Shift” should definitely
be used as the backing track the next time HBO releases a film filled
with bar fights. 

“Louisiana” sees The Loved
well and truly live up to their Americana tag (albeit with
a more rugged approach to the vocals) and “Dear Laura” shows that
the band hasn’t forgotten its punk rock roots. Rounding out Build
& Burn
is “I Swear”, a song that shows just how comfortable
this four piece is when it comes to experimenting with their songwriting.


In a day and age where punk can
sound incredibly soul-less, The Loved Ones have shown that there’s
at least one band who still believe in what they’re preaching.


  1. Pretty Good Year
  2. The Inquirer
  3. The Bridge
  4. Sarah’s Game
  5. Brittle Heart
  6. Selfish Masquerade
  7. 3rd Shift
  8. Louisiana
  9. Dear Laura

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