Closure In Moscow – The Penance And The Patience


The Penance And The Patience


Taperjean Records/Shock



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Circa Survive – Incubus - Saosin


World-class release from local lads…


94 / 100

Closure In Moscow is
not a band that does things in half measures. When they first appeared
on Melbourne’s live scene in 2006 they quickly earned themselves a
noticeable buzz, their first shows being with high profile acts such
as The Getaway Plan and The Hot Lies. Anyone who
was smart enough to catch the group in their embryonic stages knew that
something special was brewing and after some personnel changes and the
deft production touch of Kris Krummet (Dance Gavin Dance, Fear
Before The March Of Flames) CIM have finally released the record
that everyone knew they were capable of creating. 

The Penance And The Patience
is a six-track affair that has successfully captured Closure In Moscow’s
youthful enthusiasm and advanced musicianship and shows just why this
Melbourne based five piece has the potential to conquer not only Australian
audiences, but the rest of the world as well. 

There’s no denying that Anthony Green has had a major influence on the CIM sound,
as vocalist Chris DeCinque shares the same affection for soaring,
borderline falsetto melodies that the Circa Survive (and ex-Saosin)
front man has made so popular over the last few years. his vocal phrasings
giving Closure In Moscow a perfect balance between pop and something
a little more intelligent.  

Lead track “We Want Guarantees”
will be acting as a single (complete with a soon to be released video
clip) and as such, it shows Closure In Moscow at their most accessible,
the intricate guitar work and the band’s more subtle moments being
brought to the forefront by the previously mentioned Kris Krummett.
In my opinion the ballad like “Dulcinea” is the albumette’s standout
with Chris and Manny’s vocal tag team giving the tune
one hell of a hook… something that I imagine many people would love
to sing along to if us mortals were capable of hitting those high notes. 

The bouncy beats and disjointed
guitar work of “Breathing Underwater” make for an instantly catchy
three and a half minutes of modern rock, which makes the inclusion of
the dramatic female vocals during the song’s mid section all the more
surprising. “Here’s To Entropy” is a re-working of one of the
band’s earlier demos and as much of a fan as I am of the song’s
old format the updated version wipes the floor with it, the heavily
effected guitars being given free run throughout the track. 

The piano driven ballad that
is “Ofelia… Ofelia” is captivating, something many bands struggle
to achieve when including a slower song on their albums, while the closing
“Jewels For Eyes” is the only six-minute epic I can think of that
would have a legitimate shot at radio.


This reviews headline says
it all really. The Penance And The Patience is a world-class
release, one that should see Closure In Moscow join their peers
in The Getaway Plan at the top of the Australian rock


  1. We Want Guarantees
  2. Dulcinea
  3. Breathing Underwater
  4. Here’s to Entropy
  5. Ofelia… Ofelia
  6. Jewels For Eyes

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  1. MissedChances

    i tend to agree with everything you have said but my personal feel for the slow songs are not as positive as you make mention. great release and great band.

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