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No witty comment required, its NEW FOUND FUCKING GLORY...


90 / 100

Traditionally a “best of”
is released when a band has lost the plot and blown their earnings on
coke and hookers, thus requiring an instant to release to top up the
money pot… or there’s the far less dramatic and much more feasible
scenario where they have severed ties with their label and said label
is looking to make a quick buck off the group. 

Fortunately, for those of us
who love New Found Glory’s brand of nasal, pogo heavy pop punk the band haven’t developed a drug
problem, so you can breath easy. In fact, NFG will be releasing
a new EP in a couple of weeks so you can look forward to some new material…
in the meantime this “hits” collection is probably the greatest
road trip CD ever made! 

With ten songs being lifted from NFG’s four major label full lengths as well as two hard to obtain
(and by hard to obtain I mean digital only releases) tunes Hits is a
good way to round out your New Found Glory collection. 

I hadn’t actually heard “Situations”
before and considering it was written around the same time as the Coming Home material it packs the same punch as some of NFG’s older songs, something which is sure to keep the band’s older fans
happy. “Hit Or Miss” is next cab off the rank and really, what can
I say about this song that hasn’t already been said ten thousand times?!
It rules, simple as that, and for any Melburnians who are over twenty
one and reading this I think it’s safe to say you’ve spent danced
to it at Switch at least once. Through in “Dressed To Kill” (more
clips with Rachel Leigh Cook please) and you’ve got a walk down memory
lane on your hands. 

The Sticks And Stones era
of New Found Glory’s existence is heavily represented, with
“My Friends Over You”, “Head On Collision” and “Understatement”
all getting a look in, while “All Downhill From Here”, “I Don’t
Wanna Know” and “Failure’s Not Flattering” make an appearance
for the Catalyst record. The sales for NFG’s last true full length (Coming Home) never matched that of their predecessors,
which resulted in the band being dropped by Geffen, however “It’s
Not Your Fault” and “Hold My Hand” are fucking great songs so
hopefully they encourage a few people to go out and give the record
another chance. “Constant Static” is the final quote/unquote un-released
track and it’s classic New Found Glory, you’re either going
to love it or hate it.


I would’ve given this release
a perfect score if it had contained “The Story So Far” and a couple
of earlier songs, but hey, I already own those CD’s so it’s no big
deal. Please come back to Australia New Found


  1. Situations (Previously
    only available as US digital release)
  2. Hit Or Miss (Waited
    Too Long)
  3. Dressed To Kill
  4. My Friend’s Over
  5. Head On Collision
  6. Understateme

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