Metalocalypse – Season 1 (DVD)



Season 1 (DVD)


Adult Swim/Madman/Stomp




For Fans Of

South Park – Aqua Teen Hunger Force – Spinal Tap


When South Park meets Norway…


91 / 100

Here’s a quick history lesson
for those who are yet to discover the comedic genius that is Metalocalypse.
The series is based around a fictional death metal band named Dethklok,
who’s popularity is so immense that various members of government
(and other un-named but rather sketchy sounding organizations) would
like to have them assassinated.  

The part American, part Scandinavian
band is comprised of the following members: 

William Murderface

Skwisgaar Skwigelf
Guitar (The fastest guitarist alive)

Nathan Explosion – Vocals

Pickles The Drummer

Toki Wartooth – Guitar
(The second fastest guitarist alive) 

Each of the above mentioned musicians
has their own unique character traits which combined with the shows
ridiculous story lines makes for some of the most entertaining television
you’ll see all year. When you’ve got a vocalist who can’t string
three words together (unless he’s performing with the band), two guitarists
who can shred but can’t use a shopping trolley and a rhythm section
who spend most of season one intoxicated and hating themselves then
you’re bound to get some enjoyment out of this! 

The shows creators (Tommy Blacha and Brendan Small) have done the right thing by keeping the episodes
short and sharp, as it allows Dethklok to explore a number of
different plot avenues, rather than getting trapped in the one storyline.
Choosing a favourite episode of Metalocalypse is an impossible
task, as I honestly enjoyed every minute of the entire season… although Nathan telling his recently comatose girlfriend that “she’s
the perfect woman because she’s unconscious so he can date other women
without breaking up with her” is quite possibly the greatest line
of the last decade. 

On top of the show’s obvious
comedic qualities, it also features a fantastic series of songs (complete
with tongue in cheek lyrics) throughout the season, not to mention the
soon to be iconic introduction music. In fact, when the Metalocalypse
team released The Dethalbum in September of last year, it debuted
at 21 on the US Billboard charts, making it the highest debut for a
death metal album ever!


For years metal has been fair
game for musical snobs to poke fun at, so it’s a relief to see a bunch
of self professed metal geeks get out there and make the show that we
all want to watch, and I for one cannot wait for season two. 


Disc 1 

  1. The Curse Of Dethklok
  2. Dethwater
  3. Birthdayface
  4. Dethtroll
  5. Murdering Outside The
  6. Dethkomedy
  7. Dethfam
  8. Performance K

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