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Hopeless/Sub City/Hot Topic




For Fans Of

Every Time I Die – Silverstein – As I Lay Dying


A little something for everybody…


80 / 100

Compilations are more often
than not a hit or miss affair, but when you combine a diverse list of
today’s most popular punk (and I’m using the term loosely here,
because I’m not going to use the dreaded E word) and metal bands,
put it together in one affordable package and donate 5% of the profits
to a good cause, then you’ve got something pretty cool on your hands. 

Change is the latest
venture from those charitable folks over at Hopeless and Subcity
, and with Hot Topic’s massive distribution and backing, they’ve assembled a CD /DVD package
which should please even the most jaded music fan. 

First up, the audio half of Change. If camp, skinny men wearing matching outfits is your thing,
then you’re going to be happy with the inclusion of Aiden, Alesana, Chiodos and Silverstein. While I can’t
say that I’m a fan of any of these bands it’s good to see that they’ve
all contributed proper tracks to this release, as opposed to throwing
the labels an un-mastered demo which they’ve discarded.  

If you’re after something
with some balls then Every Time I Die, Gallows, Poison
The Well
and homegrown favourites Parkway Drive should do
the job, while all you kids out there in tech metal land will be satisfied
with tunes from The Chariot, The Human Abstract, See
You Next
Tuesday and Job For A Cowboy

If you’re like me and you
have to watch a band’s videos on YouTube then you’re going
to love the DVD component. There’s the token cheesy performance videos
with a bad story line (thank you Silverstein) and of course there’s
one band who are convinced they are legit 80’s rock stars… except
they sound like The Used (yep, I’m looking at you Escape
The Fate
), but if you can get past that shit then you’ll find
some real gems on here. 

In true Every Time I Die
fashion, the perennially bass-less Buffalo band have come up with another
humorous clip, and The Chariot’s collection of close to 4,000
still shots makes for a unique looking video. As I Lay Dying’s effort for “Nothing Left” looks like it has a bigger budget than
most Australian films while Converge’s “No Heroes” is a stunning amalgamation of the band’s own live
performances and Jake’s renowned artwork. 

Job For A Cowboy do
a commendable job at looking metal and Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster
prove once and for all that they are legitimate, God fearing, southern
folk. Aiden must have been included for comic relief because…
well, let’s face it, their band sucks. 


If you’re after a mix CD
for the car or you’d like to see some of your favourite band’s videos
somewhere other than the internet then Change is a worthwhile
purchase, one which is for a good cause!



Chiodos – Teeth The Size
Of Piano Keys

Silverstein – If You Could
See Into My Soul

Saosin – Collapse

Alesana – Ambrosia

Every Time I Die – We’re

The Chariot –

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