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Chuck Ragan – Defiance, Ohio – Against Me!


Grab a beer and sing a long…


86 / 100
My exposure to Fear Like
was fairly recent. I’d seen their name around an awful lot
over the last twelve months but for some reason I was yet to hear the
band, let alone catch them at a show. Well, now that I’ve got past
the initial “man, I’ve been missing out” phase, I’m going to
encourage everyone else to jump on board the Fear Like Us bandwagon. 

Playing a stripped back brand
of acoustic punk (and yes, the term folk is applicable here), FearLike Us have crafted some of the most heartfelt and memorable songs
that I’ve heard in a long time, once again proving that a passionate
performance and a belief in what you’re doing is enough to write a
great tune. 

The first thing of note is
the raw production style which is courtesy of the fine people over at
The Arthouse, and although it’s not as intense as a Fear Like Us live performance it’s far more enjoyable than a large number of the
over produced and studio polished shit that’s out there at the moment.
Apart from having a great name, “Scars Are Tattoos With Better Stories”
was a fantastic choice to start the record off. Jamie’s rough
vocal style perfectly compliments the remainder of the track and the
additional harmonies further strengthen an already impressive song. 

While it’s clear that Against Me have had a rather large creative impact on Fear Like
, the banjo driven “Hungerpains” is far from being a carbon
copy of the Florida based group, but rather a fine example of what a
band can accomplish when they combine their influences with their own
unique approach to song writing.  

I suggest you have a read of
the lyric sheet before you listen to “She’ll Be Right”… good
lyrics combined with a cool riff (and a harmonica just for good measure)
are always going to be a winner in my book. With its mid paced tempo,
sparse guitar work and a driving banjo, “Streets Of Mexico” is a
song which made its way into my memory bank within thirty seconds of
hearing it and “Neo (Deceptor) Cons” isn’t far behind! 

Choosing a standout track on
an album as solid as this was always going to be hard, but there’s
something about “Music & Movement” which makes you want to pack
your belongings, grab your mates and hit the road. The guitars, the
lyrics and the overall vibe of the song just has a certain something
about it and I for one, cannot wait to sing a long with the band next
time I see them. “Olds Gods And New Tricks” takes things down a
notch but that doesn’t last long as “Song Of Rattling Keys” is
destined to be played to sweaty fans in small rooms across the country.
I think the following lyric sums the song up nicely: 

We won’t, give up, until
the sun comes up and our livers don’t work…


Fear Like Us is one
Australian band who deserves your attention. If you’re a fan of any
of the artists mentioned in the record’s foreword then you need to
hear this record. It’s as simple as that.


  1. Scars Are Tattoos
    With Better Stories
  2. Hunger Pains
  3. She’ll Be Right!
  4. Streets Of Mexico
  5. Neo (Deceptor) Cons
  6. When We Close Our
    Eyes To Cross Streets
  7. Musi

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