Coalesce – Salt And Passage



Salt And Passage


Crash And Bang/Second Nature



For Fans Of

Botch – The Dillinger Escape Plan – Norma Jean


Retirement just isn’t an option for these guys…


70 / 100

There are a lot of people who
listen to a noisy, discordant, amalgamation of hardcore and metal. Bands
like Norma Jean have made the genre a commercial success and
every time I log into MySpace I’m greeted by another bunch
of hopefuls who are eager for the world to hear their time signature
defying riffs. If you’re ever wondering which bands are responsible
for putting this musical category on the map (and no kids, it’s not Bring Me The Horizon) then look no further than Coalesce. 

Having been in and out of the
game for over a decade, “Salt And Passage” is a short and sharp,
2 track 7 inch that the band released at the tail end of 2007… and
if the rumours are to be believed, we should be seeing another Coalesce
full length some time this year. 

As for the songs themselves,
I’m somewhat divided. “I Am This” shows Coalesce in full
flight, with Sean Ingram’s trademark and much emulated growl
as rough as ever, while Nathan Richardson’s drum patterns
are somehow able to lock into a groove that you can bang your head to
which is a remarkable feat when you consider the erratic nature of the
band’s music. Finally, Jess Steineger’s staccato riffing
is as impressive as it was in the nineties and when coupled with Nathan Ellis’ rumbling bass lines, you’ve got yourself one hell
of a track. 

Compared with a lot of today’s
metallic hardcore, “Son Of Son Of Man” stands up rather well, but
when you place it against the remainder of Coalesce’s back
catalogue, the track seems to amble along without really going anywhere.
Sure, the guitars sound like pure evil and Sean’s vocals could knock you on your arse from a hundred paces, but overall
the song seems to drag a bit.


Fingers crossed Coalesce
are true to their word and we see a new record in 2008.


  1. Son Of Son Of Man
  2. I Am This

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