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79 / 100

Melbourne’s Day I Die have been playing all the local haunts for the last four years and after
self releasing their first EP in 2005 they have finally delivered a
follow up, the aptly titled Murderess.  

Fusing the thrashier elements
of modern metal with an obvious love of mid 90’s punk has enabled Day I Die to successfully buck the trends and develop a song writing
style which is both unique and enjoyable. 

Opening track “Bottom Of The
Lake” is a perfect summation of what the band is all about. The song’s
first riffs wouldn’t be out of place on a Fat Wreck release
circa 1996 but at the 20 second mark the band shift gears and seamlessly
incorporate some European influenced metal into the mix. I’d refer
to the bridge as a breakdown but I don’t want anyone to get the wrong
idea… so let’s call it a melodic interlude that breaks things up

“Blood For Blood” is a great
track and again demonstrates Day I Die’s ability to utilize
their punk and metal influences without everything sounding like a mish
mash of genres. The slower sections of the song really add to the overall
dynamic (without losing any momentum) and the breakdowns still retain
the band’s sense of melody. 

Both of the band’s guitarists
show their chops on “Aftermath” but it didn’t grab me as much
as the two previous songs and although “Murderess” makes a promising
start, it doesn’t quite deliver the goods. With its straight up punk
beat and some of the most melodic riffing I’ve heard in a long time,
“The Coven” is my pick of the EP and the song’s mid section sounds
positively evil.


A quality local release that you
should give a spin if you’re a fan of anyone from Darkest Hour
to NoFX.


  1. Bottom Of The Lake
  2. Blood For Blood
  3. Aftermath
  4. Murderess
  5. The Coven
  6. Suffocating And Bleeding

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