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Underoath -Alexisonfire - Emery


Another victim of identity crisis...


64 / 100
We Are The Emergency are
a five piece (although currently lacking a drummer) hailing from Perth
and while the band clearly know how to write a catchy tune or two, their
inclusion of high pitched screams seem completely out of place in their
take on melodic rock. 

WATE’s sound is effectively
made up of four to the floor beats with the chorus riffs of Alexisonfire
and a vocalist who bears an uncanny resemblance to Clint from The ButterflyEffect, which sounds great in theory, but the
previously mentioned attempts at shrill screaming have a negative effect
on the two songs on display here.  

From a production point of view,
this is one of the most polished demos I’ve come across. The recording
quality is top notch and the packaging is something you’d expect from
an EP (cheers for actually including a press sheet as well guys).


In their short existence We Are The
Emergency have already landed themselves on a slew of high profile
shows so they’re obviously doing something right, but my advice is to
get off the bandwagon and ditch the screaming because it does nothing
for the band’s sound.Hopefully these guys take note and make the most of their abilities.


  1. Drop Me Off At The
  2. The Grass Is Greener
    On Our Side

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  1. xXxmillxXx

    just checked ’em out on myspace. fair review, could do without the screams, or at least so many. theyd be quite good then.

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