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For Fans Of

Bodyjar – Mid Youth Crisis - Boysetsfire


Melodic punk done the right way...


73 / 100

Another demo from a local band…
and it’s fucking great! I remember seeing Dark Skies name around
a little while ago but hadn’t heard anything from them but if the three
tracks on this demo are any indication then I think we will be hearing
a lot more from this Melbourne outfit! 

The comparisons to Bodyjar
are going to be unavoidable, but hey, if you’re going to be influenced
by someone it may as well be one of our country’s greatest ever punk
bands. Front man Nathan has a raspy but instantly likeable vocal
delivery and every riff on this demo is catchier than an STD at a work
christmas party. 

All three songs on the demo are
great but “Who’s To Say” is the standout for me. It has everything
a great song needs… catch riffs, a melody you can sing to and most
importantly, it doesn’t drag.


I would’ve given the release a
higher score but at only three tracks in length I was left hanging for
more. All of Dark Skies’ members have other bands (such as Melbourne
metal powerhouse The Abandonment) so I sincerely hope that they 
have some time to write some new songs and release an EP in the near


  1. The Night, The Fever
  2. Better Way
  3. Who’s To Say

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