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No Face For The Mentor


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Shame The Rivalry are no more...


94 / 100

Don’t you hate it when a band
releases one an amazing record and then two months later they pull the
plug!? Adelaide noise merchants The Rivalry have been going hard
at it for close to four years and shortly after delivering their masterpiece
the various members have decided to go their separate ways. 

Well, they say that it’s better
to burn out than to fade away, and with “No Face For The Mentor”
this Adelaide 6 piece have well and truly ensured that they will be
remembered as one of our country’s most innovative heavy bands.  

For those who are familiar with The Rivalry’s debut EP (Misanthropy), the opening track “Skip
To The Clap” is a drastic change of pace for the band. But fear not,
because it’s not long before the eerie intro noises make way for blasts
and frantic guitar work. What’s instantly noticeable is that Steve’s
vocals now have a more prominent place in the band’s overall sound,
which is great if you’re a fan of a skinny, angry white boy screaming
and spitting all over you. 

“Dead Dog” would come close
to being the band’s heaviest track… until it drops down to a jazz
influenced drum and bass breakdown which somehow twists and turns it’s
way through a series of tempo changes and then back to a blast driven
shred fest. It’s hard to believe, but “As The Streets Fill With Blood…”
is a catchy track with a wailing lead guitar guiding the song through
its many stylistic changes. Not many bands are capable of mixing the
ominous sounds of a band like Neurosis with with an up tempo
beat, but TheRivalry have done just that! 

“War And Apathy” and “Shoes
Of A Landmine” are both great tracks but it was “You Are The Filth
Brigade” that really caught my attention. All 6 members are at their
absolute best  and it’s songs like this which remind us just why The Rivalry are such an amazing band… and a sleazy southern riff
and solo never goes astray!

“Bete Noir” is an ominous
sounding tune that employs some of the band’s most impressive guitar
work to date and “Composition/Disposition” is an almost 9 minute
epic that includes everything you’d ever want to hear from a heavy band…
all within the one song! 


“No Face For The Mentor” is the Australian metal record of the year, simple as that. The Rivalry are looking at doing one last show in their hometown in March 2008, and I urge everyone to head over and farewell one of the country’s most explosive bands. 


  1. Skip To The Clap
  2. Dead Dog
  3. (A) As The Streets
    Fill With Blood (B) Only Time Will Help Us Drown
  4. War And Apathy
  5. Shoes Of A Landmine
  6. You Are The Filth Brigade

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